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Red Level of Awareness – Physical Consciousness

Published on February 9, 2015

Touch can be a communication of love and is a most
powerful way to communicate empathy, friendship, approval,

When we enter this world we enter the physical universe, the world of our bodies with all its lovely senses. On this level we just love to touch one another so here we find the powerful urge to mate. Red is the sex drive, the urge to procreate. Red is physical, pure action devoid of any forethought.

The Red level person just jumps into the thick of things. And the time world or time sense of this level of awareness is NOW! It is the level of our senses…. taste, sight, hearing, feeling through touch, and our sense of smell. The red level seeks stimulation through these senses and will often go to extremes in this regard, but in essence such a person experiences an incredible vitality through action. As such red is the source of vital energy, it is the base chakra in which the basic kundalini energy arises.

The red level also represents our basic instinct for survival, the fight or flight response. We find our brains processing information on the most primitive level as a reflex action. It is the quick world of stimulus response. There is no thinking or higher processing of information going on. We see a beautiful woman, all her lovely curves, and we respond, we salivate, and we feel this chakra pulling on our groins.

Women do this also but to a much lesser degree then men, depending on how much red level energy dominates their consciousness. This enjoyment of the senses is fine as long as we do not get lost in it. For some this is the world of the devil and must be avoided and controlled at all cost. For others it is the key to energy and incredible vitality and with its animation they fly their kites high into the sky. The red level brings a refreshing spontaneity and an action oriented zest to life.

Red is the World of Manifestation.

Most individuals emanating energies predominantly in the Red band of consciousness are concerned with the intensity of experience in the time framework of the immediate moment. These people will have little awareness of the past or future and their inner world will depend entirely on stimulation from physical inputs either to do with contest in the dominating of the physical environment or sexual love, petting, etc.

The field where intimacy, love and sex all come together is in the world of touch. Touch is such a basic need that people easily forget it or do not see it as a separate distinct essential need. The hunger for touch is a real human need almost as important as food. And just as intimacy can be seen differently from love and sex, though they often combine the two, touch also is an activity in itself and can be a wholly satisfying experience as people who give and receive massage well know.

A person in the red band of consciousness perceives reality through his senses – not through his feelings, nor his thoughts, nor his memories or concepts or imaginings, but through his senses, and in particular, through the sense of touch. On this level a person’s inner experience of what he senses is dependent on outside physical stimulation.

The most important way we give love to a baby is through touch. For babies, and the rest of us, love is equated deeply with touch. The problem for adults though comes in with the intense association we make between touch and sex. Just like we fear intimacy we fear touch because sexual issues intervene in our consciousness. Clinically, cutaneous deprivation, (the lack of touch) leads to a host of emotional, physical and developmental problems in young and old alike. Research has shown that there are distinct biochemical differences between people who experience touch and those who are severely deprived of it.

It is thought that most of the human race still identifies predominately with the red level. Christopher Hills said that up to 90% of people were mostly red level. His book Nuclear Evolution plunges deep into the secrets of color and the personality.

Nuclear Evolution

Love on the red level: The athlete, in love with the energy of his body, leaps forward to win the race. The climber tunes to the exhilaration of Nature’s upward thrust and reaches the summit. Lovers worship the essence of life through the pure energy of sexuality. The love of clearly defined action. Love of the divine present moment. Love of the touch of tenderness and love. Love of physical intimacy.

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Red Level Fear: Fear of bodily harm. For the red level person, at a certain moment, just before the successful completion of a physical operation, fear flashes in, and the confident thrust that both initiated and sustained the original energy and effort is baulked and braked so that the final stage of the undertaking, where absolute positivity is essential, is never completed. The climber, the runner, the racing car driver and the boxer and all the others who compete in the physical or athletic arena know this “flash of fear” that breaks the concentration, shakes the equilibrium and causes the head to turn in a fatal backward look.

Aggression on the red level is physical. A person may come up to you and his only thought of aggression is to punch you in the nose. A bully is often like this. He wants to dominate you physically. The same need to dominate applies to men who want to grab a woman. We can find this aggression in children as well. If we go to an undisciplined nursery we may find the boys pouring salt on the hair of the girls and the girls pounding on the piano and snatching crackers out of the other children’s mouths. In any case, aggression on this level is the drive to manipulate people or things by dominating them. Aggression is not limited to mankind. We find it in apes, dogs, lions and birds. Lions will kill each other if they invade one another’s pride or territory. Birds will attack if you come within a certain distance of their nest. The main point is that aggression on the Red level is a direct, physical, skin-to-skin enterprise.

Red Level of Awareness Negative Personality Patterns

· reactive

· aggressive

· belligerent

· manipulative

· impulsive

· reckless

· impetuous

· unable to recognize limitations

· abrupt

· domineering

· craves excitement

· territorially possessive

· intensive

· needs approval from superior

· loner

· practicality blinds reason and intuition

· pragmatism obscures all other considerations

· acts quickly without thinking

· immersed in skill of manipulating physical environment

· power conscious

. constantly active

. reluctant to defer gratification

· usually unaware of past or future

· lacks skillful use of human and material resources

· Bullying

· Obsessively sexual

· Fear of Sexuality

· Sexual Trauma

The Red Card in the Luscher Color Test

The red of the test, with its admixture of yellow giving it an orange hue, represents an energy expending physiological condition. It speeds up the pulse, raises blood pressure and increases the respiration rate. Red is the expression of vital force, of nervous glandular activity, and so it has the meaning of desire and of all forms of appetite and craving. Red is the urge to achieve results, to win success; it is hungry to desire all those things that offer intensity of living and fullness of experience. Red is impulse, the will-to-win, and all forms of vitality and power from sexual potency to revolutionary transformation. It is the impulse towards active doing, toward sport, struggle, competition, eroticism and enterprising productivity. Red is “impact of the will” or “force of will” as distinct from the green “elasticity of the will.”

Red corresponds symbolically to the blood of conquest, to the Pentecostal flame igniting the human spirit, to the sanguine temperament and to masculinity. Its sensory perception is appetite, its emotional content is desire, and its organs are the striated (voluntary) muscles, the sympathetic nervous system and the organs of reproduction. Thus, physical and nervous exhaustion, heart disorders and loss either of potency or of sexual desire are often to be seen accompanying a rejection of red.


Sexuality is one of the most important issues of the red level. Sex lies at the very root of our existence and when that root is rotten the rest of our vehicle of consciousness is prone to a multitude of disease states and psycho spiritual distortions. Christopher Hills said in The Rise of the Phoenix: “A society in which freedom becomes license also loses a centeredness which fosters true integrity and allows weakness and indulgence to pervert our true purpose. In an individual, the thin line between self-acceptance and self-indulgence makes the difference between integrity of character and lack of character. And the same is true in society. The same kinds of rationalizations that come into the mind of an indulgent individual also leads a whole society down the subtle pathways of inner decay, so gradually that the deterioration is hardly noticed. Society pays a high price for this victory of weakness over self-discipline. The price is that our children grow up to think, “Anything goes,” that there are no limits.”

Spirituality is important but when it itself cuts off the sexual
nature of being it becomes as damaging to the soul as lustful sex.

When sexuality is channeled only through the body and senses it easily pulls us down into darker and heavier patterns of consciousness that we call lust. The most negative aspect of sexuality is adultery; the situation where we let our senses and lusts dominate our consciousness. (All the other chakra levels) The spiritual as opposed to legal definition of adultery is when our sexual actions adulterate our consciousness. This adulteration is characterized by a loss of our center, a loss of peace. Adultery is a word normally reserved for when we break our exclusive contract with our legal mate. But it can apply anytime we approach another person with lust. Even our own wife or husband can be approached this way.

When we learn to combine our sexuality with our
beings, we will enter the kingdom of heaven.
Perfect Sex is dependent on perfect love, which is
dependent on perfect oneness, which is dependent on
perfect communication, which is dependent on our
devotion to the pure vulnerability of our beings.
With perfect love comes perfect sex.

The problem with the senses cut off from higher consciousness is that they have no real intelligence, love or caring in and of themselves. Thus, lust is selfish and as such usually unloving. It is not the objective of this book to condemn sexuality in any way but when lust adulterates our souls we lose the heart connection with ourselves, with the other, and with God. It is really difficult for men to be pure with their sexuality because they are so prone to lust and commit adultery with their eyes without control and this has never been as true as it is today where the eyes are trained from youth to lust after beauty by television and a host of sexual magazines. Our inner being does have a hard time when the senses hunger for sexual objects and objects of beauty.


Anger has a lot to do with either the expression of power or the helplessness we experience when we are confronted with other peoples’ power and their abuse of it. Definitions of anger vary from being a body tension with a cognitive view of the world as being frustrating, irritating, insulting, unfair or assaulting to a literal demand from our internal being to act accordingly. The biological or evolutionary view of anger is one of preparing the entire organism for rapid response to threatening situations. With anger, the blood flows more quickly as heart rate increases and the rush of adrenaline generates the pulse necessary for vigorous action.

The word anger really covers a lot of ground, from indignation to distress, annoyed, aggravated, keyed-up, intense, frustrated, ardent, zealous, and even excited. When we talk about anger we are talking about a family of strong ‘hot’ feelings.

People have a very strong tendency to judge anger. We assume that the angry person is out of control of their ego not understanding what the word ego means and what the purpose of anger is; what it expresses. The minute we judge another’s anger we actually collapse into our own ego sense of separation for often when a person shows their anger they are really exposing their vulnerability. We think of vulnerability as something softer than anger as when a person shows us their tears. But the angry person can also be exposing themselves to hurt and rejection because people quickly tend to judge their anger.

Anger shows a ‘strong’ displeasure about something.
Reject not anger for it is expressing more than we imagine.

What that displeasure is about is very important. If we get angry because we are not getting our way it is one thing. If we are unhappy with another because they are not doing what we like, or things are not going exactly according to our personal plan, we have the smallest self-letting off steam. But we have the kind of anger that is aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy. We call this indignation but it is still a form of anger. Modern Psychology understands that the universal trigger for anger is the sense of being endangered. This sense of endangerment is not limited to mere physical threats. It can include threats to self-esteem and dignity. When we feel that we are being treated unjustly or rudely or being insulted or demeaned there is a natural and often deep response within us. (These above material on anger are excerpts from HeartHealth’s chapter on anger).

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