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Social Side of HeartHealth

Published on December 4, 2018



HeartHealth is an exploration of our own inner heart nature, The Marriage of the Souls in general probes the secrets of sharing the deepest love with others. The aware and awake heart has a natural social sense and understands fully how the limited heart nature in all humanity leads to the hurting of so many beings, to separation, divorce, and to the roots of violence itself. Heart intelligence is aware that the extremes of human nature, that we see happening all around us, are subtle mirrors of what is going on in all of us to one degree or another.

From the point of the pure heart, that is not separate from itself and what it feels, we can see almost all of human life as manifesting different degrees of uncaring, rejection, and denial of feelings. At one end of the spectrum we have the pure heart that cares totally and at the other, the sociopath and psychopaths who have clearly lost all capacity to feel, all capacity for empathy. And the rest of us are somewhere in-between. Even our therapists and social workers are often limited in their capacity of heart, in their capacity to care, for the essence of modern psychology teaches separation not oneness of being. So the essence of HeartHealth is for people who are interested in expanding their basic capacity for love and empathy. It is for beings that care and are able to deal with the painful realities of life without slipping onto the dark side of denial. These insights are not offered as a lashing that directs us to see how "wrong" we are. They are offered in the light of understanding the context of humanity, the context in which we have to navigate and make our way in life. That context is both external and internal and the real secret to life is revealed with the insight that they are not really separate.

Though we always have ultimate responsibility for our own individual destiny, in reality it is not you who is sick and in need of growth and change, healing and repair. It is us. It is we. From the heart we are a race, a collectivity, a unified spirit. We are one whether we like it or not. We are all in this together and that is what love is all about. So HeartHealth teaches an equality of being even between therapist, patient and doctor. The great problem of today’s professionals is their own separation from the heart that cares and a heart that can see, recognize, and admit freely "their own struggles and problems." There is not a being on the planet that cannot be more vulnerable with their feelings, more open, honest, and self-aware.

HeartHealth attempts to shine a bright mirror on the uncaring mind that has literally raped the heart out of humanity. From the highest avatar who thinks he is god to the most humble and simple, there is not a soul who does not need to enter his own heart and feel more and care more. From the psychiatrist who prescribes medicine instead of caring more, to the religious fanatic who thinks his truth is the only truth, from the husband who cannot and will not listen to the being of his wife, to the totally selfish industrialist who pollutes the river stream, to the guru who sucks up the attention of devotees, to the politicians who have criminalized much of society, to the father, brother, uncle or neighbor next door who abuse and rape little girls in their innocence, its not just the other person who needs help and more attention, it is all of us. Who is so good that they could not be better? Who does not need to grow?

Even those of us who are not suffering still need to grow and evolve but growth does not come easily for those who are too content. That is why the saints talked about a divine discontent. Evolution is a nonstop process for humans though most people do grow through the pain and it is the rare bird that runs for the light with a skip and a jump in their step. The closer we get to a pure heart the more sensitive we actually get to all the imperfections and flaws both in and outside of us. This is connected to that part of the heart that just wants to make things better, more pure and harmonious. The heart just cannot help but be sensitive to all the problems, to all that which creates separations from it. The problem is in the mind that is not sensitive to any of this for it is based on separative ego consciousness.

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Healing the flaws and separations in human consciousness is the mission of the heart and we will start that healing when we realize that we are all in the same boat, the same ship of humanity that is sailing on the same prevailing winds. As a race we need to find our healed, healthy and happy hearts, or we will find ourselves headed for what all the prophets have heralded, another dark night of the collective soul of humanity.

The true path of life always moves forward, even when it moves back, into the future we ever go.

Such a dark night might indeed me necessary for it does seem that most of our lessons need to come the hard way. Such is the nature of the collective ego of humankind. The individual cannot completely escape collective events and the collective is the sum total of all individual components. Though we can build illusions about the supremacy of our individualities, and the individualities of others, there is a level of reality that cannot be divided. This is the true and ancient meaning of individuality, "that which cannot be divided."

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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