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The Grace of The Heart Doing Heart Health

Published on December 3, 2018


Both western medicine and modern psychology have not been able to come up with solid concepts that explain why some people recover from illness and others do not. There does seem to be a force in most everyone that operates routinely to protect and promote health, whose absence seems to leave us vulnerable. This explains, on some level, why one individual might suffer a relatively mild attack of a disease like ulcerative colitis, another gets chronically crippled by the same disease, and a third might decline rapidly from the first attack and go on to die from the same thing another recovers quickly from. Many physicians and therapists have noticed that certain people have a strong will to get better. There are some individuals who can become extremely sick, and because of an exceptionally ‘strong will to grow,’ heal. And there are people who suffer from mild illnesses, who lack this will, and despite the best of treatment and care, languish inside of their illness. They will not show significant improvements, or if they do, will end up bouncing from one illness to another.

Our will is what the heart wants to do.

– Christopher Hills

Whatever our heart loves it has the will for. This connection between heart and will offers us a clue to the `secret` forces at work in our ability to resist disease or recover from illness quickly. The heart is at the center of more than we can dream of yet it is a factor that is not at all understood or even recognized by contemporary psychiatric or medical theory. Simply put, it is the abandonment of the seat of feelings, the repression and denial of the heart that is at the center of most illness and disease. The displacement effect of the heart, driven to the bottom of human consciousness, is terrible to behold and more terrible to experience. When we repress our heart felt feelings we repress our beings and this is something impossible to do without paying a steep price in terms of mental, emotional and physical health.

The heart center is where we experience our being. The distance we travel away from our own heart and true being is the same distance we travel away from the happiness of our health.

Psychosomatic is the global term used by many doctors and psychologists to refer to causes beyond the purely physical, beyond genetic accidents and beyond things like AIDS or being hit by a truck. That the psyche is somehow involved in the causation of various illnesses and the general collapse or weakening of the immune system is known. Yet doctors do not have the training or understanding to make this knowledge useful to their patients. To tell someone it’s all in your head does not help. The knowledge that individuals with certain personality patterns have lower resistances and higher incidences of certain diseases does not translate into a workable system that aids us on the practical level of diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional or physical disease.

It might take time for modern science, medicine, and psychology to understand and believe it, but the heart is at the center of much of the mysteries that have confounded rational thinkers for millenniums. When we say that the heart is the vulnerability of being we are making a direct connection between what we are calling the heart and our pure being. Pure heart or pure being is very different from the space of the thinking mind. One thinks, the other feels. Though in consciousness both mind and being co-exist, one is more fundamental to life then the other. Mind based personality patterns in and of themselves are not at the root of disease directly. What is both important is the effect each and every person’s personality (thoughts) have on the heart. Egocentric patterns do their damage by ripping us away from the heart. They tare our connection with our own inner being. The evil of personality is seen only in how it separates us from the heart and universe of true being (feelings).

Grace is the flow of pure heart energy. It heals, enlightens and warms us. It touches us where we need to be touched.

There is a quality of heart and pure being that can be called grace. The grace of the heart offers us a quality of being that is healing, animating, invigorating, supporting, nurturing, and comforting. The grace of the heart offers an inner tranquility and peace that the mind by itself rarely possesses. The essence of the heart is love, light and health. It represents our being nature and that nature is given to us by the cosmic intelligence with these highly positive qualities. Yet it does seem that some people’s hearts are so small that they seem not to exist at all. Somehow man through his society, religion, law and politics has found a way to almost completely squash the universe of heart, love, being and soul.

The Intelligence, Love and Power of the heart acts routinely to protect and to foster health on all levels. It is this intelligence and protecting love force that guides our steps and makes all the difference in life. It is this power that charms our life.

Deep in the nuclear core of the heart is a love of life and a love of love. Some beings come here to earth with such a strong heart that no circumstance can beat it out of them. In them is a furnace of heart energy and like the sun it will not be denied though they might have to go through great struggles to release and express this energy. Though we all have hearts, the problem with life comes with the repression of the light and radiance of the heart. What we are born with hardly remains by the time we reach adulthood. And the path of regaining what was lost is a path of lifelong learning, growth, and often-painful experience.

The pure heart stops all thinking, all imagining and just experiences things and people as they are.

Mental, emotional and even physical illness occurs because our conscious mind resists the normally more unconscious wisdom of the heart. Scott Peck said "mental illness occurs when the conscious will of the individual deviates substantially from the will of God, which is the individuals own unconscious will." The will of God can be seen in the basic structure of consciousness that is hard wired into our beings. This is the love of love, love of life and the capacity to feel this love, and feel when this love is being hurt.

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The heart is the only thing strong enough to cut through the illusions of the mind. Consciousness is stronger than mind stuff, and the experience of pure consciousness is found when we step through the portal of the open and pure heart.

So the real heart of this book, its real message is to put all of your attention on the heart, to tack against the strong winds of the mental world of thought, which even when diminished will still strongly occupy the seat of consciousness, and cave dive into the essence of true intelligence, the intelligence and healing power of the heart. The heart offers us a grace, a power and a will toward what is right and what is certain for our existence.

Though HeartHealth talks about the pure heart, and achieving the experience of it is thought to be a worthy goal, we are hardly advocating a total abandonment of the conscious rational or conceptual mind functions. Though these conscious mental functions might need to be put in their proper place in consciousness they are essential aspects of our being also.

The pure heart has no sense of self-image.The pure heart is no longer thinking about itself and is beyond all levels of imagination. Our heart just is and just feels.It cares and feels itself to be part of the whole.

Part of the Oneness of Being. It is in the oneness that the true heart appears.

The real pure heart does not have to be controlled from without. It does not need religious codes of behavior. Each individual heart, which is not really divisible from the whole, shines with a light of great intelligence. The pure heart feels, understands what it feels, gathers the full wisdom and intelligence from those feelings, and then responds, moves, and changes life directions. The pure heart does this equally well when listening to its own feelings or the feelings of another. When we can listen to our husbands and wives this way, and then our children this way, we will have begun the creation of heaven on earth. Now that we have almost destroyed the family, the basic social unit of life The Marriage of Souls lays down a new blueprint for the resurrection of family and social life.

Our pure beings need pure love, deserve pure love, live on pure love.

The Marriage of Souls is about pure beings "sharing" pure love. The pure light of pure being, perfectly vulnerable, perfectly feeling, perfectly real.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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