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The Mental Universe of Doubt and Fear

Published on December 4, 2018



As we plunge deeper into the mystical realms of being, we begin to appreciate the increasing simplicity of the heart, and also we gain the ability to perceive the separate self as an entity or adversary.  In our encounters with our real being we find the ego fighting us in the form of self-doubt. Doubt is the enemy of love for it is through the mechanism of doubt that we create the sharpest divisions between head and heart. The second we identify with doubt the doubt and the doubter become one and this is who Christ was talking to inside of himself when he said, "get thee behind me." To get through this level of being we must find the courage to directly confront our inner devils and cast them out of consciousness. On this level there is no figuring anything out with our minds, no therapy or process. We simply, through a pure act of will, have to order the doubt away just like we would order a small child to put down a knife.  The devil is a popular personification of the ego or more shadowy aspect of our minds. When we throw "him" down we are casting "him" out of our consciousness.

The mind destroys the simplicity and love of the heart with doubt and fear.

Fear is even more primary than doubt and operates powerfully to destroy the vibrations of the heart. On this level we have to face our insecurities, uncertainties, as well as our doubts. Fear is one of the most basic consequences of ego consciousness.  Fear arises out of our perception and basic assumption that the universe, which is ‘separate’ from us, is a hostile place. The environment is felt to be a direct threat to our sense of self. For many people fear is the most dominant aspect of life. A feeling of agitation and anxiety is constantly present with or without an apparent cause. Such a person feels the presence or imminence of danger as a background free-floating anxiety and as such is rarely in a position to risk anything on a heart level.

Love is Letting Go of Fear Jerry Lempousky

Almost everyone who journeys into the universe of heart will find many pains from childhood and some people go back further and face pains from past lives. Here is where the definition "the heart is the unconscious part of our self" makes sense. All the pain not faced in life gets channeled into the unconscious, into the emotional mind. The unconscious includes everything that we don’t want to know about ourselves. It is virtually impossible to open up to the deeper levels of being until we have opened up the major traumas from our past.

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The heart never forgets anything that has not been faced or resolved.

In recent years doubt has been cast on the existence of Freud’s unconscious mind. And though there is good reason for some of this doubt, in the context in which Freud set it forth, in reality this unknown or "quasi" unknown self exists in the form of what we don’t want to know about ourselves. We might know on some level of reality, but not wanting to know creates a barrier in consciousness between what we know and don’t want to know.

We fear the unknown self, its feelings and emotions.

Children cannot stand deep suffering so it is almost automatic to repress unpleasant experiences. The more frequent and the deeper these experiences are the more the repressive mechanisms develop. Most psychologists are not aware of the physics of consciousness and the fact that consciousness naturally makes room for the next moment of experience by eliminating, into some kind of oblivion, the last moment. The pure heart is living in the divine present, feeling each moment, and using the mind to access and challenge perceptions and experiences. The separate self destroys this process.. When we start to live in the world of thoughts, as opposed to the feelings or "flow" of the moment, we create a separation from our own heart.

We fear and doubt what we are separate from.We fear the effort and the struggle that our feelings often demand. And we fear our own laziness, the entropy of life.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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