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The Multi-Dimensional Mind

Published on December 4, 2018


In our study of our own beings it is important that we learn to differentiate between the inner worlds of mind and ego and the vast universe of the heart. Though the total mind operates on seven levels of consciousness it is the intellectual level and the conceptual levels that most people identify with as mind. But there are also the intuitive and imaginative perceptual levels of mental functioning. Until this point, we have divided most of our discussion into two primary polarities; the world of mind and ego, and the world of heart, being, and soul. This is not complete.

A complete view of human intelligence has to include all the perceptual levels of awareness. Without any imagination, for example, the intellect is flat, vastly limited in and by its own linear process. The intuition also has the ability to perceptually cut through a vast maze of thought and complexity to the simplicity and essence of things. Albert Einstein said all true thinking is intuitive thinking. For him the intellectual and conceptual minds were like tinker toys or erector sets, sure useful for something, but not for what really counted.

This black and white division between our mind, ruled by the separate self and the heart which is identified with the whole, has given us the ability to perceive the vastly contrasting worlds of experience, one governed by love, the other by separation.  It is important to know that beyond the ego is a pure mind that burns brightly and clearly, functioning in complete service to our real being. It has been said that if we can ever purify our minds we will inherit vastly powerful and beautiful instruments that we can use to create a paradise on earth.

I gave you your minds but I the Real I did not intend for you to use them all the time.

Those who are entrapped by the mind find it difficult to forget what they know already and to stop making comparisons and just be their own real self. How can we get out of our own mental skin if that is all we have ever known? The mind, dominated by ego consciousness, has a difficult time seeing anything other than itself. This mind cannot get out of it’s own self; it’s own thoughts, limits, concepts and judgments. The problem with the mind is that it is tied up in untamable knots, which it is not capable of unknotting. The mind is always caught up in it’s own framework and it resists checking out any new framework. The task of opening to something new, a process of moving or expanding our boundaries outward, is resisted by the mind that is always trying to prove and validate it’s old self.

And what is the mind? The mind as experienced by most people is a continuous non-stoppable river of thoughts that occupy our awareness from morning to night. It is our consciousness built up into fixed ideas and runs like a computer loop, round and round and round. Each thought leads to another thought and then to another. For most the process never stops. And this is why the mind cannot understand itself.  It’s too boxed up in it’s own dialogue with self.

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The I that I Am is too much to reduce to a circle,held prisoner by the human mind.I Am all of Life.Do not entrap Me into your own small personal ball.

As we evolved to higher levels of consciousness the need arose to store and reflect on experience. The conceptual level of the mind is created in memory and as such is the universe of experiences already past. Experiences in the now are remembered and stored away for further reflection. The entire framework of memory is organized through the creation of concepts. The conceptual mind is busy organizing all input, all perceptions into a meaningful framework so we can understand what is going on. The conceptual mind creates meaning by creating concepts.  Once we have accepted the meaning of life, as explained through one conceptual model, all new input, new experiences are directed through the old stored concepts in the mind. We lose the ability to take something in fresh; we have trouble looking at something new, for we are always comparing the new to the old. This is the trouble with the conceptual mind.

Whatever we hold in our minds does much to shape our personal reality. Life is a very sensitive force and responds immediately to whatever is happening in our consciousness. Our core beliefs create the very foundation of what our life is all about and what it will become in the future. The imagination is our perceptual faculty with which we can imagine our future.

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