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The Pump – The Being HeartHealth and your Health

Published on December 3, 2018


Those in their hearts stay young forever. The heart in love stays young.

It is basically safe to say that many mental health and physical problems are really manifestations of the deeper and more hidden dysfunction of the heart. In essence, we can trace emotional/mental problems back down to the source, the basic poverty of love, communication and listening among human beings. The heart is essentially our love light that shines with intelligence and power. Yet that power and intelligence only begin to shine when we gain access to the warm depths of our inner nature. The poverty of love that most beings have to endure does much to test our souls and study of this lack does much to increase our understanding of life.

The heart holds the key to radiant health, to joy, happiness, and well being.

There are many things to eventually understand about this mysterious organ we call the heart. Many things beyond the physical manifestations of that pump organ that beats 110,000 times a day and puts out a strong electromagnetic field. Modern psychology has not yet begun its investigation of the heart. The entire conceptual framework of mental health is like a highly stacked deck of cards that crumbles when heart intelligence is introduced. For there can be no mental health without heart health. We now know that the mind can be probed, analyzed, supported, confronted, and nourished during incredibly long stints of therapy and still the more basic issues of the heart remain untreated. The techniques you will find in this book can shorten or intensify any therapeutic process because the aim is to go directly into the heart.

Simple movements into the heart center of feeling can provide direct breakthroughs and release of old emotional blocks.Though it takes effort to shift into our hearts  it is still the shortest line between two points.

The heart represents our basic capacity to feel, the head the capacity to think. Books like Emotional Intelligence highlight the recent awakening to the deep and essential intelligence of our feelings. Since it is widely recognized that the avoidance of emotional suffering is the basis of much mental and physical illness, we can safely say that anything that directly increases a persons capacity to feel and face difficult feelings and emotions will increase overall health.

HeartHealth offers secrets to bring more heart into our lives. After we get in touch with our more difficult feelings we can deliberately focus on our hearts more positive attributes, on love and care and

appreciation, on beauty, nature, and compassion. When we do this our heartbeat actually shifts, its rhythm harmonizes, and our clouds of negative emotion clear.

When we cave dive into the universe of the heart we transform our inner and outer world. And the first beneficiary is our physical body and physical heart pump. Dramatic changes in heart rhythm/frequency/health patterns occur when we can shift between feelings like anger and hate to those of peace, love, understanding and appreciation. Negative emotions make the heartbeat look very ragged on an electrocardiograph, love and peace transform the physical heart into a much smoother beating pump, its electromagnetic patterns are much more coherent, healthy and harmonious. Emotions are really internal energies in motion and they hold powerful and even destructive influences on body tissues in general. They can literally move the bones in our spine and cause dysfunction in our internal organs. But even more detrimental then "negative emotions" are repressed emotions. Without doubt chronic baths in emotions like anger and hate do nothing for the well being of our bodies but the repression of emotions and feelings in general lead even the young to quick and deep illness.

There is an organization named HeartMath that has done a lot of research into the physical aspects of the heart and how our feelings affects the heart pump itself. "It’s the feeling that can change the heartbeat, not the thinking," says Dr Alan Watkins, a research fellow at Southampton University. Watkins infers that when we center on the deeper feelings and intelligence of the heart we bathe our brain in coherent energy that leads it to more harmonious function. The physical organ or pump is a complex neurological, muscular and energy center of vast power and proportion and its rhythm and beat frequency act like radio waves and are transmitted to all the cells in our bodies and beyond.

The heart is a vast electromagnetic generator and the frequencies that are radiated out by the heart change dramatically depending on what emotional state a person is in. Most people have the awareness and experience of how one persons moods can effect others. We can see how the emotional heart state of one person gets transmitted through electromagnetic waves and can literally be picked up by the brains of people nearby. People at HeartMath claim that when two people are touching or standing near each other that it is possible to measure the heartbeat of one person being registered in the other person’s brainwaves. This kind of phenomena can explain why one can walk into a room after two people have had a fight and ‘feel something in the air’ even if the fight is finished and the two people are standing calmly there. There is a force and a power in the heart. When it is strong and healthy it acts like a nuclear furnace warming not only our own body and being but can generate warmth for others.

The healthy human heart needs warmth, is warmth and can give warmth to others.The deeper we dive into the heartand open to its super intelligent ways the more balanced, coherent, and healthy our bodies, minds, and emotions become.

  • A simple but powerful movement into the heart center of feelings can result in:

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  • Change in heart rhythm and heart beat.

  • Balancing of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

  • Reduce muscle tension.

  • Alleviate pressure on the spinal column.

  • Increased mental clarity and objectivity.

  • Help balance the endocrine system.

  • Reduce mental disease.

  • Increase Intuitive levels of perception by making us more receptive to sensitive feelings.

  • Decrease the rate of aging process. (Keep us feeling young) Reduce arterial collection of cholesterol.

  • Reduce Blood pressure.

  • Anti-depressive effect.

  • Improve overall energy levels.

  • Deepens levels of internal perception and self-understanding.

  • Increases overall human intelligence.

  • Renew self-confidence.

  • Make you happier.

  • Leads a person into the center where self love and understanding of others is more easily found.

  • Increase harmony in social relationships. (Save marriages)

There is nothing like a healed,  healthy, happy and loving heart.

HeartHealth offers a series of techniques that bring full attention and a conscious movement into the center of our heart. These exercises will literally change how your heart will beat. They offer a change of heart. HeartHealth is a path that moves the heart centers identification from pain and negativity and confusion to the ease of a loving heart beating in harmony and with appreciation of life. It will literally change and alter the toxic emotional heart rhythms which look rough, jagged and edgy on the electrocardiograph when we are either closed in the heart or bound by heavy ‘negative’ types emotions like anger or depression into coherent, smooth and harmonious patters of healthy operation. Modern science has correlated physical heart function and health with the flow of positive feelings and emotions, with a positive optimistic outlook to life. There is a real "smoothing affect" that is biologically associated with favorable biochemical, hormonal, and nervous system changes in the body that come from people who are more centered in their hearts or feeling centers. Autonomic nervous system balance is related to coherent heart rhythms that are directly connected to emotional selfmanagement. Being out of the heart is dangerous to our health because it creates disturbances in the heart rhythms, which are essential to total health balance.

The heart is far more than a biological physical pump that mechanically beats billions of times within the context of a lifetime.

Psychology’s overemphasis on cognition has been the prevailing wind of the last few decades, blowing us even further off course from the deeper waters of the heart. Behaviorists like B.F. Skinner have left their unfortunate marks on a psychology that came to see behavior as something that could only be seen objectively from the outside. They basically banished the realms of the heart ruling out all inner life including emotions and feelings. Only recently has progress been made by researchers pushing the envelope of emotional intelligence. Eminent psychologists like Peter Salovey and Robert Sternburg from Yale, and Howard Gardner from Harvard have led the way into wider definitions of what emotional intelligence means.

HeartHealth lays down the gauntlet to modern psychology for it says to forget Skinner and behaviorism that give no allowance to peoples inner world of heart and feelings. Its to forget Pavlov and his dog! It’s to even forget cognitive theories for a while and all the ethics and self-images of professionalism. If psychology cannot find its heart what can we expect of its patients? It is love and caring and the capacity to reach out and struggle with patients on a heart level that makes all the difference in therapy. Cognitive psychology does not have that much power to help people grow through their pain.

When we talk about Cave Diving into the Center of True Heart Intelligence what we are calling for are direct attempts at increasing and expanding our emotional intelligence. By diving into the heart, by swimming in its mysterious seas, we consciously expand our capacity and abilities in several key areas of emotional awareness. In this sense Socrates’ injunction to "Know thyself" gets translated into an awareness of our feelings as they happen. Later in this book, when we study the simple clues to knowing when you are in your heart, we will begin to see how the mind tends to block our emotional intelligence. After we study these simple heart clues then we will turn our awareness to the actual mental mechanisms or ego blocks that shut down the heart.

Awareness of ones feelings as they occur is the keystone of emotional intelligence according to Daniel Goleman who says "the ability to monitor feelings from moment to moment is crucial to psychological insight and self-understanding. An inability to notice our true feelings leaves us at their mercy. People with greater certainty about their feelings are better pilots of their lives, having a surer sense of how they really feel about personal decisions from when to marry to what job to take."

Advanced HeartHealth techniques will show you how to just stop and drop down into your heart center whenever you need to evaluate any emotionally charged situation. HeartHealth shows that it is quite possible to access deeper regions of the self with a simple but powerful movement down into the heart or emotional center. With HeartHealth you will be able to look at your own conflicts and situations with more clarity and grace. The improved clarity translates into more objectivity and actually a heightened sense of intelligence. HeartHealth offers us a direct pathway into the full powers of our emotional and ‘feeling’ intelligence.

HeartHealth techniques will help you enter and balance the three primal forces of the heart, heart love, heart power, and heart intelligence.

Being open to ‘feeling’ our emotions is only the first step on our road to increased emotional intelligence. For many our resistance to feel, or our attachments to the thinking mind is the first great obstacle. Some people are so deeply entrapped by conceptual and intellectual modes of knowing that they loose all grasp of emotional intelligence, and with it, interpersonal intelligence. Not only do they lose their ability to understand themselves but also they lose the ability to understand other people. They lose what Gardner says are the "capacities to discern and respond appropriately to the moods, temperaments, motivations, and desires of other people."

Though the HeartHealth exercises are designed to eventually create a whole aura of joy they often lead us into areas of pain and suffering that have been repressed. Cave diving into the heart is often like shooting down a series of rapids with many hidden surprises and even rocks that might obstruct our path. We have to confront our most basic blocks to feeling our feelings. This confrontation leads us quickly to increased self-awareness, which means being more aware of our feelings and our feelings about our feelings and all the thought processes that come in-between.

For each individual the struggle is unique.We cannot pretend the road to pure love is not rough and sometimes disheartening. But knowing one’s feelings is knowing ones being.

HeartHealth dives deep into the hidden mysteries of the heart and offers techniques and therapeutic tool for therapists and patients alike. The first HeartHealth technique opens up a direct pathway into the river of feelings that run through our beings. An increase in this awareness brings us to the second cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Once we recognize our emotions and darker moods we will want to learn how to get out of them. We will need other emotional management tools and techniques that offer us ways of handling our feelings. We need to learn how to apply "Emotional Power" with "Emotional Intelligence." The ultimate goal is emotional balance not emotional suppression or emotional over-indulgence. As Aristotle observed, what is wanted is appropriate emotion, feelings proportionate to circumstances. Our moods reflect on our overall state of being and as such can be seen as one of our best mirrors for viewing our appropriateness to life in general. Love is the hallmark of appropriateness for love brings happiness and joy. We could say that love is the most appropriate of feelings but then again it must be seen that love is much more than a feeling or emotion. As we shall see when we begin to dissect emotions from feelings we will see that our feelings are the appropriate responses to events and people, our emotions on the other hand almost always carry in some of our past emotional trauma and experience.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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