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The Pump – The Being HeartHealth and your Health

Published on November 27, 2018

Those in their hearts stay young forever. The heart in love stays

It is basically safe to say that many mental health and physical problems are really manifestations of the deeper and more hidden dysfunction of the heart. In essence, we can trace emotional/mental problems back down to the source, the basic poverty of love, communication and listening among human beings. The heart is essentially our love light that shines with intelligence and power. Yet that power and intelligence only begin to shine when we gain access to the warm depths of our inner nature. The poverty of love that most beings have to endure does much to test our souls and study of this lack does much to increase our understanding of life.

The heart holds the key to radiant health, to joy, happiness, and well

There are many things to eventually understand about this mysterious organ we call the heart. Many things beyond the physical manifestations of that pump organ that beats 110,000 times a day and puts out a strong electromagnetic field. Modern psychology has not yet begun its investigation of the heart. The entire conceptual framework of mental health is like a highly stacked deck of cards that crumbles when heart intelligence is introduced. For there can be no mental health without heart health. We now know that the mind can be probed, analyzed, supported, confronted, and nourished during incredibly long stints of therapy and still the more basic issues of the heart remain untreated. The techniques you will find in this book can shorten or intensify any therapeutic process because the aim is to go directly
into the heart.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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7 Chakras eBook Cover


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