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The Universe of the Heart

Published on December 3, 2018


Do we really understand the heart? Are we brave enough to seek out its hidden mysteries,swim in it’s deep green seas?

The most difficult subject, after all, is the most simple.  It is hard for the mind, which loves argument and complexity, to enter the kingdom of heaven, which was Christ’s way of describing the kingdom of the heart. The deepest mysteries and greatest challenges lie ahead for those brave enough to investigate the hidden depths of the heart. The heart lives in the fourth dimension and our third dimensional minds have little ability to cope with its unpredictable ways.

All hearts are in love with the same truth, the truth of being a being and being true to that being.

When we say heart we are not talking about the chambered, muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood. In spiritual terms the heart represents the totality of our being; both the conscious and unconscious self.  It has been traditionally thought to be the vital center of one’s being, emotions, and sensibilities and is seen as the repository of one’s deepest and sincerest feelings. The heart is strongly associated with our capacity for sympathy, generosity, compassion, love and affection. When we say someone has heart we mean that they are warm and loving, tender and open.

The true nature of pure heart  is a river without end, a flow, a tide,  and an endless fountain of love  and courage to meet life.

The word heart is also associated with courage, resolution and fortitude. These are all qualities of being that measure our firmness of will or the callousness required to carry out an unpleasant task or responsibility; qualities of heart that contrast with the above, with tenderness and compassion.  This side of the heart demonstrates a tougher kind of love, a compassionate ruthlessness, a kind of love that disciplines a child, a kind of love present when a surgeon needs to operate without an anaesthetic. That kind of love that speaks out and takes a risk and faces the fear of rejection or that kind of love that focuses on truth no matter how unpopular. Here you hear people saying what a brave heart or "lion hearted" a person is. Most of the new age is associated with the more yin or soft side of the heart and think that the only manifestation of love is seen in niceties, tenderness, and softly spoken words. And they judge this side of the heart as being something cruel, evil, and dark never knowing that those energies are hiding behind their own judgments. The heart is not just mushy and sentimental. It is a vast reservoir of intelligence and power. Within the heart is the trinity of love, power, and intelligence which must all eventually be balanced to arrive at the place we call pure heart.

We judge love doesn’t.We judge and we judge and we never stop judging  for that is all we know what to do.When we judge we separate from love for it is impossible to be in the heart and judge at the same time.

There are numerous idioms in our languages that express the deeper realities surrounding the heart. "At heart" means in one’s deepest feelings, "From the bottom of my heart" reflects the most sincere of feelings, "in one’s heart of hearts," in the seat of one’s truest feelings, "Heart and Soul," means completely and entirely, "In a half-hearted manner," refers to us giving only part of our attention or awareness to something, "and to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve," means to show one’s feelings clearly and openly by one’s behavior. Also we have the expression, "with all my heart," which expresses one’s great willingness or pleasure for doing something, one’s devotion or complete commitment to manifesting something.

The Heart represents our basic capacity to care and feel.

In the languages of the world you will find countless references to the feelings of the heart, all alluding to some hidden power, to a magnificent energy or force that has the power to change our lives. The true hidden power of the heart is love and this is the core frequency of our natural beings. The heart is something we simply feel, it is not something we think.

The ‘heart center’ (cardiac or chakra center) is the level of consciousness where our entire sense of security is experienced. It is that center with which we identify as our primary sense of self. The flash of pain that comes from rejection, or the pains of misunderstandings, which arise from poor communications, hurt our hearts. If we cannot communicate those natural feelings of hurt we fall into chains of thoughts and reactions that take us into separation and into pain and suffering. This is the crux of life on earth.

The heart is at the center of all true perception,it is at the center of life.

Heart Intelligence as compared to emotional intelligence is HeartHealth’s way of expanding present day "emotion mind" models into a fully comprehensive view of human consciousness. The heart by definition, in this book, includes the whole, includes the mind, the rational intellect and the conceptual ideas of the memory mind. It also includes the imagination and the intuitive faculty. And it includes our bodies and senses and our social awareness and fears. We can stratify intelligence onto seven reasonably distinct perceptual levels or ways of knowing and this is in fact the study of color or perceptual psychology.

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Our Rainbow Body is in reality, the clothing our souls or beings wear while inhabiting this planet called earth.

Red Level of Awareness

Physical – reactive, aggressive manipulative or practical and gets things done.

Orange Level of Awareness

Social and political dependence on one’s culture, or love of our fellow beings.

Yellow Level of Awareness

Intellectual and mechanical and separate thinking

or the penetrating light of rational insight.

Green Level of Awareness

Security and the obtaining of sufficient vital force, or possessive love. Known as the heart or emotional center.

Blue Level of Awareness

Mental and conceptual idealism, or devotion to higher authority.

Indigo Level of Awareness

Psychic and abstract intuitive faculty, or cloud nine mentality.

Violet Level of Awareness

Imaginative perception of the cosmic order or the seeking of hidden powers and the manipulation of the imaginations of others.

Heart intelligence speaks through images and intuitive senses of knowing with equal ease and appreciation as it does with conceptual and intellectual levels. Modern psychological circles favor the rational and conceptual at the expense of the feeling, intuitive, and imaginative levels of knowing. Some simplify it all into T (thinking) types and F (feeling) types of people. In Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence we see this simplification between what is rational and what is emotional – and this is useful. In the end the emotional and rational minds need to work together in partnership, the problem has been seen with the attempt to diminish the emotional feeling side of life. Erasmus’s attempt to do away with emotion and put reason in its place has severely short-circuited human intelligence.

The heart has reasons, which reason knows nothing of.

– Blaise Pascal

The best way to know the heart is to chop off the head. Often this is the only way that we can begin to explore the heart. Many people use drugs for it helps them get rid of the more ‘tiring’ aspects of their minds. And there are certain herbal or natural substances that have been used by native cultures since antiquity that offer deep journeys beyond the rational mind. The problem here is that if one begins to depend on these substances the substance itself begins to replace the "head" that we are trying to chop off. In reality no matter how much we chop or how much of our mental self we dump over the side there will always be plenty of mind left.

The mind is a fine tool, but when it is out of touch and separate from our more basic capacity to feel it leads us astray. The conceptual and intellectual aspects of the mind can be seen as sub-terminal aspects to the mainframe of the heart center. And the unique property of this mainframe heart center is that it is networked to every other person’s central heart computer. The normal ego centered mind on the other hand is only networked to itself and thus it is caught in its own closed loop.

Love always knows what is good for the whole. When we separate from the whole we separate from our own inner-networked super intelligence. In this sense we can see that our individual minds act to their fullest potential when they serve as sub-terminals for the deeper intelligence programs that emanate from the heart center. A mind cut loose from the guiding force of love is a danger. But an illuminated mind allows the love to flow and radiate from the heart and this kind of mind is a magnificent instrument that shines with glory.

Put all your consciousness on the heart. Seek first the kingdom of heaven; the universe of heart and true being, with all your heart,

mind, and soul and everything will be given to you. You will find your heart by dedicating verything you have to that one search, the search for the pearl of high price.

Universally, the heart is seen to be our core, the most important or essential aspect of self hood. Our emotional constitution, basic disposition, or character, all are thought to emanate from this inner region of self. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The heart is who we really are and though we may try to be something else in our mind the heart eventually manifests itself.

In pure being our consciousness arises into it’s natural state. There is but one state of being. It is being who we really are.All paths lead us

back; purify us, so we can just be our natural selves. Be that self. Give

all to that self.Be happy through the fulfillment of one’s ultimate self.

If one were to sit and meditate on what is the nature of our soul and where it is located in our awareness, the most frequent responses would have something to do with love and that area around our physical heart. In the east this area is known as the cardiac chakra, or heart center in the west. There is no coincidence that our deepest feelings are affiliated with expressions that use the word heart. Though a physical pump, it is located in the same region as this non-material cardiac center. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel of energy and this particular one relates to the color green. Today even modern science is amazed at the amount of energy that surrounds the heart and how sensitive an organ it truly is.

The garden of Love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow and joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh…

– Hafiz

Both Christopher Hills and Dr. Max Luscher of Switzerland confirmed through separate approaches the correlation between the heart center and the color green and this truth is evidenced in language also. For example "green with envy" represents what happens to the skin color when a person flashes deep insecurity. The emotional security center has a very powerful and often instantaneous affect on the body. This green level security center represents the universal need in nature to gather from the environment well being, sustenance, love, energy, and all those things that makes life possible. It is the basic drive of green plants, to reach for the light.

Many souls are crushed from the sheer lack of love from their parents and this leaves them with a deep and penetrating sense of insecurity which they seek to fill up in many ways.

Plants love to turn toward the light, they stretch for it, and so do we. We want to gather all that love, that sustenance, the energy in our relationships. But instead of reaching out for the light we reach out for another person with an almost desperate hope of completing ourselves.

Whenever we tune into the deepest feelings of love or sadness, whenever we suffer tremendously or feel the loss of loved ones, we experience the heaviness of these feelings in our chest where the heart or emotional center is located. Though it is difficult for most people to think of a fist-sized organ in the center of our chests producing these feelings most of us have experienced deep emotional sensations in the physical area that surrounds our hearts. It is no coincidence that most people, when asked to point to themselves, point to their chest, not to their knees, toes or brain. Behind this truth lies some deep mysteries and some of the most powerful forces we have to deal with in our incarnation as human souls. It is a mystery but we just have to understand and accept the complete and total correlation between the physical organ and pump, the center of our emotions and feelings, and the deep heart and intuitive intelligence which gets activated when this center is open. Ancient Chinese Medicine recognized these correlations and named the heart the commander and chief of the total human system, the sovereign ruler and supreme controller.

The heart is warm and is a light and power that is both dynamic and moving, full of spark and vitality,  brilliant in its activity.

Part of the sadness of life is that people are very cut off from their heart center. People crave the deep feelings of the heart and hate the emptiness that is left when we close ourselves to its love. People are deluded when they think romance alone will provide the answer but romance is a mirror of the tidal feelings that flow through us when the heart suddenly opens. We will begin to understand the heart and why so many suffer such heartbreak when we dive deeply into an investigation of the rapids we have to negotiate to get to its deeper more still waters.

Beings in Union, love each other, touch each other, need each other,  heal each other.

The heart is tuned to deep feelings of tenderness, warmth and compassion when open. But it is equally tuned to a sense of power and intelligence to act and to react and to its ability to communicate itself with others. This is the cornerstone of Heart Intelligence.

The heart knows how to communicate, how to listen, what to do. It knows itself, feels power, love, and tenderness, pain, suffering, peace and grace. It knows insight, passion, and inspiration, and finally, in the end, complete manifestation.

When the heart is only partially open we cannot but suffer from the conflicts between the head and the heart for the partially open heart is subject to the domination of the ego and all of it’s trips. And when we first enter the universe of the heart and promise to love only one we naturally fall into the trap of possession. In human terms it is natural to possess when one loves. The word longing and being combine to form the word belonging. We often stake our entire sense of being on these feelings and as such we are completely vulnerable to the feelings of loss. When people are deeply possessive and attached to what is loved the suffering of loss brings a loss of will to live. These powerful feelings run through and through the heart and have a tremendous effect on our entire vibration. And these energies tend to destroy the vibrancy of the heart’s physical tissues if they are intense or persist long enough. It is no accident that women, who’s husbands die after 40 or 50 years of marriage, often suffer a heart attack and die themselves within a year. The medical establishment calls this the broken heart syndrome.

It is well known that the heart can bleed like no other part of the body.

Since the most basic characteristic of our heart is it’s capacity to feel this also means its most basic capacity can be seen in its capacity to suffer. Thus it can be said that when we avoid suffering we avoid the heart. To avoid suffering is to avoid life yet this is what we do. The way to avoid many types of heartbreak or emotional kinds of suffering is to open wider to love. The more we love the less we suffer if that love is spread among many souls.

The lesson I learned; the only way to get out of the pain of possession and insecurity is moving toward the love of others. The more love I give the less insecure I feel.


One of the most difficult aspects of human nature is the gravity of possession. If one loves it is natural to want to possess because the cosmic intelligence designed the universe this way. Just like the sun loves to possess the planets with gravity we love to possess those objects in our environment. And to a point, humans, like the planets, love to be possessed by the sun or a central loving secure being. Written into both the laws of man and the laws of nature is a possessiveness and attachment to what is loved. But can we ever possess another being? Can we ever possess another soul like we would possess a car or house? We all like to be relatively near those we love like the planets like to be near the sun. But when that nearness turns to obsession, control, and manipulation we cause suffering in ourselves and in others.

The majority of adults live life with this center closed down so they do not feel much, do not suffer too much. Our ability to feel is directly related to the degree we open or close this heart center. Most people prefer to live with, "I’m all right, everything is fine" type of attitude but this is just the head trying to protect it’s self-image.

In the heart center controlled by ego consciousness we find the universe of attachment.The world of "mine." Here we love to get sucked into possessing what we love the most.

Christopher Hills

On an emotional level, the heart center represents the security center, which is the most basic of emotions. All our perceptions about life and ourselves are boiled down by our emotional heart center to one feeling of self, and we either feel secure or insecure about our life situation and ourselves. Most people equate these feelings of security and insecurity to falling in and out of love. Most songs on the radio are about these feelings. Feelings are what our entire organism does to simplify all our perceptions into one meaningful whole. When we feel secure or in love everything feels right. But when those awful insecure feelings strike we cannot help but feel that there is something very much wrong with our life or with our lover.

Attachments are really our attempt to feel secure.

Security is that state of inner certainty; it is a state of grace. It is that river of feeling that carries that constant message that life will deliver everything that we need to fulfill ourselves on every level of consciousness. Insecurity is that terrible feeling inside which occurs when the heart center spins negatively and we are constantly expecting something to go wrong. We feel incomplete. And we are afraid that we never will be totally fulfilled. Insecurity is that feeling of emptiness, of missing out on something essential to our happiness.

When we wallow in the throws of misery, when our heart bleeds, and the blood flows, it is all too easy to mistake our true heart for the swan song of the ego. The ego (separate self) sits at the doorway to the genuine heart. Many of the feelings that seem to be very heart-felt (because they arise from the heart center) are really egocentric emotions. Most often, the heaviness we feel around our hearts is actually the ego shutting off the good flow of feelings that naturally emanate from the deeper heart. For those who are blessed with big hearts the more they close down the more pain they feel in their heart center. The ego, our self-consciousness, can sit like a dam obstructing the natural flow of heart energy and we can experience this pain physically in our chest. The chapter on the psychology of the heart dives deeply into the delicate subject of differentiating feelings from emotions.

Jealousy, possession, attachment, neediness, and issues of control are all associated when fear dominates the heart center. These feelings relate to our sense of insecurity. The more secure the less possessive, jealous and needy we are. Insecurity is really the offspring of ego consciousness. The separate self, that self that is cut off from the cosmic intelligence or heart center creates a false selfimage that it has to protect. So in the ultimate sense it is only when we dissolve the ego altogether that we move into that state of grace of inner security.

The only thing worth getting attached to is truth. This is the only security, the only peace, the only insurance in life we may know.All suffering ends in truth.

Normal romance is that temporary collapse of ego boundaries, and though it feels good to find some way back into the heart, we eventually have to face the true quality of our consciousness and of our relationships. This heart center, and all those feelings that come from it, is only the doorway to our deeper beings. For many it is simply easier to avoid the Tides of Love.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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