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Violet Level of Intelligence – Imagination and Creativity

Published on February 22, 2015

Through the incredible power of imagination, we create our lives. This is happening on an individual level and then there is the collective imagination, which shapes societies and our race as a whole.

Pure consciousness flows through the imagination to create images or forms. All forms are created from images. These images are in essence the super structure of life. They are like the subsoil of everything. The cosmic intelligence creates the entire physical and non-physical universe with the power of imagination. Everything has to take some kind of shape, some kind of form to come into a state of being. Imagination is the creative power. Everything in the universe somehow has an image of itself.

If we cannot imagine something we cannot see that something. Imagination is a primordial aspect of human consciousness that few understand. The violet frequency is the highest frequency in the visible spectrum and is at the deepest core of our ability to shape and perceive reality. It is at the core of everything we think, feel, and do. Our imaginations directly influence the cell life of our bodies as well as the thoughts we think, the intuitions we have  and the desires that lurk deep inside the sensations we have. Even our social life is predicated by the imagination.

Whatever we put into our imaginations is going to happen sometime in the future. The imagination is that faculty of consciousness that brings order out of chaos. From nothing comes something. From the blank canvas comes a masterpiece. The imagination is the power with which we “will” events into a pattern and into existence.

The imagination is the power to be able to perceive images. Look around at your physical surroundings. What you are seeing visually is your imagination in your frontal lobes recreating physical reality inside of your head. The images are inside though you can put your hand out and touch your surrounds.

The basic capacity of sight has two components and each are aspects of the imagination. When we open our eyes and see, what do we see? Literally, we are seeing our imaginations! We are not seeing anything “out there.” The image is in our own brain and it really has no size to it at all. We never “see” physical reality we see our imagination’s representation of it.

It is the same when we watch TV or a movie. The light penetrates into the brain and triggers the imagination into form. This level of imagination has a strictly inner component. Everything in the “created” universe has an image, a shape, an astral form.

Images do have their own intelligence and are
conveyers of deep and meaningful information.

It is the basic capacity to see with the eyes and to dream with our minds, which is the primary function of the imagination in human consciousness. The secrets of light and the secrets of the imagination go hand in hand for nothing is seen without light.

The most intelligent people have the “power to see” beyond ordinary perception. Their visions are much deeper than just fanciful ideas. The greatest sages and geniuses of the ages have the ability to paint original pictures in their own imaginations and are able to communicate them to other peoples’ imaginations.

High beings use images more than concepts to communicate. The primordial imagination is not the stuff that makes unreal fantasies but the stuff that makes us know who we are.


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The process of identification is the key to the mysteries of the imagination. Imagination is the creative power – and the process of identification is that which traps or forms inside of us to make them our own. Identification is the deep psychic process of becoming one with something. It is through identification that we create our identity. When we identify with a feeling or a thought we feed those impressions, we make them more important; we own them as our own and incorporate them into our self-image. It is through the process of identification that we become one with our experiences. They become ours.

Negative Personality Patterns of the Violet Level

· Feels misunderstood through inability to have relationships at deep levels of being

· Intense erotic imaginations

· Seeks to use power to overwhelm others

· Needs sympathetic emotions

· Levels criticism at others

· Feels misunderstood

· Experiences shame, self-denial and self-abasement

· Conflict grows out of inharmonious surroundings

· Has negative self-image

· Day dreamy

· In conflict between blissful images and personal reality

· In conflict between desire for sympathy and unconscious tendency to criticize others for not understanding his own need for tenderness

· Has blockages related to magical practices

· Needs to feel popular or indispensable

The violet type of person has a very rich imaginative life. They are relating much more to their inner imagery then the outer sensation of the red level type. However, this inner life can be filled with illusion, daydreams, and whole universes of spinning fantasies. In fact, it can be like a cyclone that never seems to touch the ground. It can just go on forever spinning webs of dreams that are never brought into fruition. Many people’s imaginations are short-circuiting themselves into a cloud of wishes and dreams of winning lotteries.

Christopher Hill’s Nuclear Evolution

Violet Love – For great imaginers, the love of the divine order, that so often seems inaccessible in earthly life, is realized and fearlessly accepted when the understanding dawns that man’s apparent chaos is part of a greater cosmic plan. We can look at any of the works of genius in painting or music or poetry and discover there this paradoxical truth that pain and pleasure, sorrow and joy, chaos and order are ultimately the essential ingredients of any great artistic creation.

Violet Fear – Fear of Chaos

If your drive is to charm the universe and to use the “shaping spirit of the imagination” to create a new heaven and a new earth, then all that disrupts and obstructs this deep urge will be feared. It seems that those who live on this level of consciousness and, through music, painting, poetry and other creative arts, strive to present images that express their vision of Cosmic Reality, unconsciously repeat the original dilemma of the creation. Man, having been created in God’s image, with a direct line of communication with the Source, became aware that he had had another self, a doubter, and the creative artist suffers agonies of doubt and fear that the final expression of their vision will not match the glory of the original inspiration. Therefore, in a fit of despair he may smash the marble, slash the canvas, or tear up the manuscript.

Violet Aggression

The negative expression of aggression here is the calculated use of the imagination to enslave men. Psychological warfare is an example, but beyond that, it is the armed use of the imagination by men who know that what people think about themselves is what they become. Thus, there can be no greater aggression than to consciously manipulate and promote unsuspecting men and women into seeing themselves as something they are not, in order that they may be exploited.

The Luscher Color Test

Violet is a mixture of red and blue and, though a separate and distinct color, manages to retain something of the properties of both as a red blue amalgamation, despite losing the clarity of purpose of the two colors. Violet attempts to unify the impulsive conquest of red and the gentle surrender of blue, through “identification.” This identification is a sort of mystical union, a high degree of sensitivity leading to complete fusion between subject and object.

The Violet personality wants to achieve magical relationships. They not only want to be glamoured themselves, but at the same time, they want to charm and delight others, to exert a degree of fascination over them because, although this is a magical identification, the distinction between subject and object still exists.

Violet can mean identification as an intimate, erotic blending, or it can lead to an intuitive and sensitive understanding. However, it is somewhat unreal and wish fulfillment quality can also mean identification as an inability to differentiate or as an irresolute wavering, either of which may result in irresponsibility.

The young tend to prefer violet which highlights the fact that to them the world is still a magical place in which they have only to rub Aladdin’s lamp for its slave to bring them what they want – an attitude which certainly has its points, but which is probably inadvisable to carry into adult life.

Colour Psychology Series

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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