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Have you Heard about the Biomat?

The Biomat is the most important piece of medical equipment that you will need!

The BioMat deals with primary body function. It provides high caliber life force energy that immediately enables the body's waste removal systems, as well enables our ability to relax and sleep deeply. As the BioMat activates our body to remove toxins and acidic waste, both from our day to day lifestyles and our stored waste from our lifetime, our brain waves slow down to delta waves. All the profound healing and restorative functions of the body are accessed through these brain states. In addition to this, our circulatory system is opened and cleared, and this allows us to process everything we put into our body 100% better. Whether it is high quality raw foods, supplements or hydration, with the BioMat these essentials are able to be used more effectively throughout all our bodily systems.

Along with revitalizing negative ions, the crystal energy and healing power of amethyst gemstones provide chronic pain relief, relaxation, and therapeutic sleep. BioMat users also report relief from arthritis, asthma, back pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, headache, insomnia, neuralgia, neuropathy, Raynaud’s, sciatica, scoliosis and much, much more.

BioMat Professional measures a full 6’5” in length. It allows full-length body contact and optimal results and it is Ideal for home users who want comfortable, full-body treatment. The professional size is the most popular BioMat and ideal for sleep every night although there are small size and even bigger sizes, which I do not recommend.

BioMat has 9 temperature settings - from 95 to 158 degrees. You can customize the therapeutic infrared heat for your own personal health care needs:

  • Power Only - No Temperature - Negative Ions, no far infrared energy.
  • Green Settings - (95° to 104°) Gentle effect - Safest for Sensitive and Extended Use
    For overall general healthcare, immune stimulation, boosting energy, relieving headaches, improving indigestion and jet lag, and providing regenerative sleep.
  • Low Gold Settings - (104° to 122°) Surrounding warmth - Cycles of 2 Hours or More
    Used by athletes for flexibility training, cardiovascular support, blood pressure and sugar regulation, muscle pain relief, improved tissue repair, improved circulation and deep relaxation.
  • High Gold Settings - (122° to 140°) Penetrating Warmth - Up to 90 Minute Sessions
    Used to relieve chronic joint pain; reduce stress, anxiety and trauma; achieve a profound state of relaxation; elevate mood; and for deep tissue repair.
  • Red Settings - (140° to 158°) Deep Heating - Power Sessions of 1/2 to 1 Hour
    This range promotes detoxification and weight loss, improves skin tone, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, , aides in acute and severe pain relief, including back pain, and creates an artificial fever which stimulates the immune system. It also sanitizes bedding. (Limit time to 30 minutes to 1 hour, as this range is similar to an infrared sauna.)

The BioMat

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