Hi Dr Sircus. I have bought and read quite few of your books and did the Forbidden Health course with you. I believe this course saved my husbands life. He is now cancer free. Long story for another time. I am a severe asthmatic on monthly Xolair injections and daily inhaled steroids, I took your advice from a newsletter last week and now taking magnesium with bicarbonate, it’s absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I can take a deep breath for the first time in too many months. Now I would like to take the next step and buy a hydrogen machine. I am sure this will be the icing on my cake. Please can you guide me with this as this is an extremely expensive outlay and I must get it right. My protocol now is magnesium bicarbonate in the evening and CDS first thing in the morning for 2/3 hours and I’ve managed to keep off antibiotics which is a miracle. I have been singing your praises to all my clients for the last ten or more years and I always have a reason to mention your name when talking about which books to read and how your protocols might help them. You Sir, are my number one go to for my health.

Many thanks

Linda Nuttall

Consultations With Dr. Sircus

For over twenty years, I have been doing online consultations. People reach out to me for all kinds of reasons. Though in medicine we concentrate on the body often it is important to consider emotional and mental dimensions, which I do. Though my system of medicine is simple it is helpful to have a guide if its vital you get it done right. This holds especially for cancer patients. Besides consultations I have an online clinic to offer continuing individual support.


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My name is Annmarie and I'd like to thank you for your research and for making it available to us. My children were able to enjoy another summer with their grandfather, 74, who had been diagnosed with 4th stage kidney cancer last November, and we give glory to the Lord for helping us to find your Sodium Bicarbonate book, which we believe helped save his life. My father-in-law was declared cancer free this past May! We spent two weeks with him in northern Wisconsin boating and fishing and just enjoying spending time with him. I thought I would share this good news with you!


My mother recovered two years ago from cancer using bicarbonate and maple syrup. She had a tumor 4 inches across and 10 inches long, which punctured her lungs twice (how it was discovered). She had grade 3b non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Took her three months but she did it. Many thanks for writing your Sodium Bicarbonate book and being instrumental in helping saving my mum's life.

Vince Barnes

I do take sodium bicarbonate orally with iodine as well, as you suggested. This is the most successful regimen I have ever been on. I am confident for the first time in many years that I will live… and my doctors told me in 2008 to get my affairs in order.

I would love to meet you some day and thank you in person. I believe in your work and they way you help so many thousands of people.

Dr. Wendy Pauluk

The service was just perfect and the church was packed. I have never been to a funeral where so many people shared stories. Thank you for making my dads last couple of weeks comfortable and giving him so much hope. I will NEVER forget you and your wisdom and support. I am greatly appreciative for all you did.


This is about a patient with advanced prostate cancer, metastasized throughout groin. Thought you might like to know. Tuesday afternoon I attended a patient of mine in the oncology ward here in a Perth hospital. In my bag of tricks were your universal medicines and hope in my heart, as the patient was bed bound, writhing in uncontrollable pain and in and out of consciousness. He was given 2 weeks to live. I have attended him 3 times daily to make sure that he received the protocol. Last night he was up watching politics on television, IV drip removed, almost full feeling back in legs, walking around during day etc. I have enjoyed your medical commentaries, and e-books, I also have your work on transdermal magnesium. I thank you for your efforts to guide us all, and your superb timing in sending me the updates which have saved this man's life.

With gratitude - Adam Wilson

Sodium Bicarbonate - Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment is absolutely brilliant...but what else would anyone expect from Dr. Mark Sircus?

Dr Doug Kaufmann

TV Host Doug Kaufmann
Author of The Germ That Causes Cancer

You are really steaming these days, your recent bulletins on the flu scam perpetrated by the swine at big pharma are nothing short of brilliant, you must be channeling some sort of medicine deva, so by all means keep pouring it out.

Dr Daniel

Dan Reid
Author of The Tao of Detox

Your Swine Flu Treatments essay was the only meaningful and feasible information on the subject so far with nothing close in sight. Even your peers seem to be lost and the medical establishment is spouting deceptive or incompetent mumbo-jumbo.

Robert Slovak
President of Original Quinton of North America

Absolutely fantastic information. Once again, Dr. Sircus is above the crust, giving the clear view straight from the hip, no mickey mouse. I see nothing like it elsewhere online.

J. Cummings

Thank you for providing the information; Please, don't ever stop...the information and the lessons.

Patricia Jernigan

Fantastic Mark... your newsletters are the highlight of my inbox.

David Bridgman

Virtual Medicine Health Centre
I am passing along all your information. You are a hero of humanity, Mark.

Dr. Ralph Wilson

I just love you, no joke, it's always a delight to open your missives because I always agree. Thank you for the amazing service you provide.

Dr. Jennie French
Classical Homeopath

Cancer tried to kill me. After a struggle or two, or three, or four, or more I said, “No!” Or at least I was hoping for a “No.” I turned to Cesium, but ended up with Baking Soda. My goal was to change my pH quickly. I knew little or next to nothing what pH, Alkaline or Acidic meant. Happily I found out.


Vernon Johnston

My Name is Frank E. Burdett. I am a survivor of melanoma cancer of the shoulder/neck/ both lungs/liver and bowel.... I am still free of cancer, just about five years now.....thanks to bicarbonate of soda...

Frank E. Burdett (Queensland, Australia)

The Sodium Bicarbonate book is a wonder! My copy just arrived from Amazon in Canada. Well written and a pleasure to read. What a Blessing it is. This book is a Divine Gift and a fine Gift to give to others. A Gift that keeps on giving.


Hi Dr. Sircus,
Thank you for being the Martin Luther King and Galileo Galilei of the healthcare movement. Thank you for your open heart, generosity, and your idealistic, practical, vision for the future. Your dream appears to include the following.

Making the best possible healthcare solutions available to the world.

Teaching the world to function based on collaboration and wisdom instead of greed and power.

Paul Stein
IFC Policy Institute

Dr. Sircus,
I have been using your therapies for the last year and have improved considerably from RA. Your protocols made sense and I began using magnesium and iodine supplements. Surely, God led me to you.

Thank you, Dr. Sircus for your kindness to humanity, for your devotion, endless hours of research and for the fact that you remain staunchly uncompromising in the face of opposition.

I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation for all that you do. In this world, words of affirmation are not spoken as often... or as loudly as criticism. So, again I say THANK YOU! (LOUDLY)

Mary Edwards

Greetings from Kuwait,
I am just passing to tell you how much I appreciate your work. You have affected my life positively in a way that saved me tons of time and money looking for answers to common problems that are caused by simple things like magnesium deficiency.

If this world had only two of you, it would definitely be a more wonderful place.

You are to the human species what the salmon is to the world of fish. You take the road less traveled, more difficult, more lonely, and always against the current of conventional thinking.

It is a pleasure to swim with you!

Thanks for the great information and especially for your thoughtfulness to THINK.

Following the information on your website, I ordered and used nebulized 'glutathione plus', purchased by way of your suggestion. The success I have had improving my COPD by nebulizing this product, has been phenomenal.

After the first week of experimenting with dosages, I had a prescheduled appointment with my pulmonary doctor, and the tests showed an 11% improvement overall. ANY improvement with COPD is against all odds, but I will now be expecting a 20 or 30% improvement on the next tests. If you have ever had a near drowning experience, you will understand my elation. I'm 81 years old, and to realistically believe I won't succumb to a lack of oxygen is heartening, to say the least.

Feel free to use this as an endorsement any way you see fit, and gratitude to any and all involved, including the man upstairs, is the name of my game.