LeAnn Obaid, "Mark, you have ignited great hope within my being. I could reach out and hug you. Thank you for your selfless willingness to offer solutions to my health issues that have confounded me for so long."

"Dr. (One of the few real ones) Sircus, thank you for your love for humanity and helping us get free using your Natural Allopathic Medicine," wrote Kevin Glauber.

Cindy Sands wrote, "He has a warm spot in my heart. In 2012 my husband had a heart attack. We were traveling in CO. He would not go to the hospital. His lungs filled with fluid about a month later, and he couldn't breathe unless he sat upright. Dr. Sircus talked with me on skype text way into the night. He finally gave me enough info to know my husband had to get help because none of the tools we had could help him."

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