The 7 Chakras Our Body, Mind & Soul Introducing the wonderful world of color psychology

By Dr. Mark SircusThe world of color psychology will take you on an inspirational journey of self-discovery through an understanding of the meaning and the intelligence that comes with each of the basic colors (ROYGBIV). Color psychology transcends other psychologies because color is basic in shaping who and what we are. We are our favorite color as well as our secondary choice and beyond we still exist on the full spectrum of perception. We are RAINBOWS! And our rainbow body and our minds operate and resonate differently with each spectral color.Click the button below and download the e-book in PDF format!

Those are the seven levels of perception, which highlights the different types of intelligence we can employ in life and work.

– First Chakra – Red

Physical Intelligence – The ability to perceive the universe and understand it through the five senses. Knowing how to take care of one’s body and health, exercise, diet, sport, healing and medical intelligence.

– Second Chakra – Orange

Social Intelligence – The ability to associate and understand oneself in relationship to others. Leadership abilities, the ability to nurture relationships and maintain friendships, conflict resolution skills, and social analysis, the ability to understand other people.

– Third Chakra – Yellow

Intellectual Intelligence – Our rational and analytical ability to organize information. Logical thinking ability, problem solving, sequential organization, the ability to see inconsistencies, weigh opposites and make judgments.

– Fourth Chakra – Green

Emotional Intelligence – Also known as heart intelligence, this is the science of understanding one’s emotions and feelings which mix all the other levels of intelligence into what might be called a “feeling” intelligence.

– Fifth Chakra – Blue

Conceptual Intelligence – The perceptual world of memory, ideas, concepts and meaning. The ability to form mental models that incorporates entire fields of information.

– Sixth Chakra – Indigo

Intuitive Intelligence – The ability to cut through ‘mental’ fields of knowing to the essence. Intuition is the perceptual power of direct perception. Here we just simply know without knowing how we know. Einstein was a champion of the intuition. He said, “I think with intuition.”

– Seventh Chakra – Violet

Imaginative Intelligence – Is in one aspect an aspect of our highest intelligence, the ability to form and communicate with images. This is the level of creative intelligence, the ability to form something from nothing. We literally see with our imaginations.

Knowledge of how color affects our conscious and unconscious mind will change your life and inspire you to discover more about yourself.


I’m Mark Sircus, a doctor of natural medicine and writer of more than 23 books that have sold 80,000 copies around the world. Innovative Medicine is the name of new form of medicine I have pioneered that situates itself between the best of medical science and natural medicine.