Another Way to Start Chelation Safely and Gently

In a large metal foundry in Russia, Dr. George Georgiou tested extensively many natural substances for their efficacy in removing heavy metals from the workers there and found chlorella and cilantro so effective—when used “together”that he introduced “Heavy Metal Detox” (HMD) in 2005.[1] But the issues are not straight or clear-cut as Dr. Georgiou explains, “During the three years that I have been researching the efficacy of certain natural substances for their heavy metal chelating effects, I have stumbled across a few surprises. For example, the literature was full of testimonials on how chlorella and cilantro are excellent chelators of heavy metals, so we tested both of these in carefully designed, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. Let’s take Chlorella vulgaris as an example—when we tested this alone in pre-post provocation urine and feces tests using 3,000 mg daily, we found no difference between the pre- and post-tests. In other words, chlorella by itself was not eliminating any metals that could be detected by an ICP-MS at parts per billion levels of measurement.”

Dr. George Georgiou and the Russian government invested one million dollars in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 350 people that has shown that when natural substances are combined, they work as effectively as synthetic chelators. After much experimentation Georgiou selected cilantro, chlorella and chlorella extract. The Mexicans eat a lot of cilantro and there are doctors there who have pioneered the use of this plant in detoxification and chelation protocols. It is important to remember the important point that medicinals work best in combination with others that are carefully selected and balanced in a formula and full protocol.

HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) from Dr. George Georgiou gives us a safe and extremely gentle formula to help remove radioactive and heavy metal contamination. It is interesting to see that uranium-238 is being eliminated in the hair using the HMD protocol.