Breathing Retraining Will Help You Sleep

Most do not know it but in reality we can use our breath as an ally in good health and sleep. Soviet and Russian MDs found the following relationship between automatic (or unconscious) breathing patterns (how you breathe during sleep), the morning results for the body-oxygen test and the quality and natural duration of sleep.

Respiratory Frequency

Body oxygen test result

Duration of sleep

Quality of sleep

>26 breaths/min

<10 s

Often >10 hours

Often very poor

15-26 breaths/min

10-20 s

Often >9 hours

Often poor

12-20 breaths/min

20-40 s

6-8 hours

Insomnia possible

7-12 breaths/min

40-80 s

4 hours


5 breaths/min

2 min

3 hours


3 breaths/min

3 min

2 hours


How we breathe is serious business especially for cancer patients. One can test one’s breathing by counting how many breaths we take a minute and also test our control pause, how long we can hold our breath after we breathe out. These tests together can tell us more about our health or state of disease than most other tests and are especially important because they point the way to what we can do to effect changes in our physiology.

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine published a study on “Sleep-disordered Breathing and Cancer Mortality.” Medical scientists already know that Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) has been associated with total and cardiovascular mortality, but an association with cancer mortality had not been studied until now. The new study suggests that baseline SDB is associated with increased cancer mortality.

If you’re struggling with sleep, waning vitality and health, and for sure if you have cancer, you will want to have a direct way to combat the downward spiral of faster and faster breathing. Expect to get fairly quick results if you train with the Frolov breathing device, which was originally released in Russia for asthmatics. This simple device takes the place of your own personally yoga breathing teacher. Cancer patients who work on slowing down their breathing experience better sleep and improved energy throughout the day. For more details Breathing Steps to follow: falling asleep quickly.