Calling in the Best Armor Divisions

Any general would be more than thrilled to have an army of medicinals at his disposal that cause severe difficulties for the enemy (unhealthy cells turned cancerous and proliferating infections) while being extremely friendly to one’s own troops (cells). It is a disaster in war when friendly fire falls on one’s own troops and this is exactly what happens in orthodox cancer treatments, which are so toxic they can kill the host as they wipe out the cancer. Chemo and radiation therapy can wipe out the enemy but at the price of killing friendly healthier cells. Chemotherapy’s agents are blunt instruments—toxins that kill healthy cells just as effectively as they kill cancer cells.

Because nutritional medicine is nontoxic in nature we can layer treatments and attack from all sides in a simultaneous assault on cancer that is dead set on taking our life.

It is no longer appropriate to consider drugs or nutritional medical agents in isolation. Pharmaceutical protocols entail combining substances that have not been tested together. This combination or protocol approach is theoretically impossible with pharmaceutical drugs because it is impossible to predict how toxic chemicals and poisons (drugs) will mix together. It is generally a mistake to try to isolate drugs the way the pharmaceutical companies do and pin the hopes of millions on a single medication.

A focus on combination therapy enables us to encompass and manage multiple risk factors. Multidimensional etiologies call for multiple therapeutic interventions.