Certain Life Forms Detest Oxygen

Microbes and cancer cells cannot live for long in high oxygen concentrations. Therefore, what happens to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria and cancer cells is they get wiped out like at Custer’s last stand. Surrounded by oxygen there is just no place to go—their existence is terminal. There is only one problem in this statement. Oxygen can never do this alone! Without carbon dioxide, we would kill the patient.

Pure oxygen is highly toxic but has zero toxicity in the face of unlimited carbon dioxide. The body has the exquisite capacity to balance these gases and this is why exercise is so healthy, why EWOT is such a potent therapy. We can flood the body with high levels of oxygen exactly because we are generating so much carbon dioxide and thus more oxygen is delivered to the cells.

When we improve delivery of the most important substance for tissue life and tissue repair, the body will have an improved chance to correct pathology. The breakthrough of EWOT is that it raises the arterial pressure back to youthful levels. Once the gates to more oxygen are thrown open in the capillaries, and we continue to reinforce the treatment on a daily basis, the effect becomes permanent meaning the cancer cells and all our health cells become exposed to and are forced to live with higher levels of oxygen. Healthy cells rejoice while cancer cells will not fare so well.