Chelation Therapy

The word chelate comes from the Greek word referring to a claw. Scientifically, a chelate refers to a ligand binding to a central metal atom at two or more points. Chelation therapy involves the administration of a chelating agent. Chelation therapy is a controversial and divisive topic yet there are currently 11 FDA-approved chelators available by prescription. Chelation products may also be obtained through compounding pharmacies and directly over the internet without prescription and in fact. None of them are as safe, effective and flexible in terms of administration as NMBI. Though it is said by the mainstream that evidence that chelation improves outcome is scarce, it is now so important to chelate heavy metals that we have to leave all doubt behind us and NMBI makes it easy to do just that. Other substances like Zeolite and Bentonite clay give an assist in this regard.

We hear from the mainstream that it is all too common for practitioners to make a diagnosis of mercury intoxication and begin treatment without performing an adequate clinical workup. Today, hardly anyone can afford such clinical workups and that situation will only get worse. Below we will just touch on the mercury catastrophe that is plaguing the earth giving us more than good reason to just assume contamination, especially if we have already fallen to one of many chronic diseases including cancer.

Chelators have the potential of causing harm, that has to be conceded from past clinical experience, especially because chelators can strip the body of essential minerals as well as unpleasant heavy metals, so obviously caution is required. (See much more below.)