Clay and Intestinal Cleaning

Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula as one of the best I’ve seen. Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula is a superior drawing, cleansing, and detoxifying formula for the bowel. It safely and effectively loosens encrusted deposits, pulls toxins, soothes inflamed tissues, and provides nourishing nutrients for optimal function of the entire digestive (GI) tract. Use as directed.

Living Clay. It is so pure it tastes clean! Edible clay draws its detoxifying ability from the favorable action that calcium bentonite and montmorillonite clay has upon the GI tract through its absorption and adsorption of various toxins, pathogens, metabolic wastes, and heavy metals. It soothes and purifies the gut, balances intestinal bacteria, aids in alkalinization, One heaping teaspoon in a glass of juice or pure water once a day is recommended. Use an hour before eating or taking other supplements.