According to a scientific article in “Health & Diet Times” (June/July 1982 issue) written by Dr. Lee De Vries, MD, cancer cells self-destruct within minutes after exposure to strong intense light. What happens is that the cancerous PLANT cell changes its formaldehyde into a plant sugar molecule giving off oxygen-ozone in the process and it is this element combination of O2 and O3 which causes the disintegration of the cancer cell. There are many articles that suggest that light can directly damage tumors, can potentiate other cancer therapies, and can stimulate the host immune system.[1]

I cannot confirm this assertion by De Vries but I imagine if the light was intense enough it would be true. It is known to be true with infrared because cancer cells certainly are killed off at lower temperatures than health cells would. One branch of oncology uses heat to kill cancer cells and another use extreme cold by hitting tumors with liquid nitrogen. Obviously cancer is temperature sensitive as are all life forms.

If one raises one’s blood plasma of D and subjects oneself to intense Red and Near Red frequencies and far infrared its logical that cancer can be pushed back.

[1] Photomed Laser Surg. 2018 May 1; 36(5): 241–245.Photobiomodulation and Cancer: What Is the Truth?