Believe me; if you are sick and are struggling to recover you will look forward to your daily magnesium massage. Anyone can do it for you if they love you—no other skill required.

Often, the most valuable treatments to patients battling a difficult diagnosis are those that can allow the patient to be as comfortable as possible. Patients undergoing chemotherapy often find that treatments that are able to relax their mind and body will dramatically lessen side effects like nausea, restlessness, and fever.

Massage is unique in alternative cancer therapy because it is able to remedy feelings of isolation that many patients battling cancer. The experience of human contact is particularly important for cancer patients and massage can provide that unique experience to these individuals who are overwhelmed by the nature of their diagnosis, family implications, and other difficulties associated with cancer treatments.

I of course recommend only the best magnesium oil for such massages. Years ago when I used seawater-extracted magnesium oil there was a time when it would turn yellow and smell and feel terrible. Now I use only Ancient Minerals magnesium oil because there is nothing purer on the planet, being from an underground 250-million-year-old deposit.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus - 64oz AMG-64

This Ancient Minerals Gel is what my massage therapist uses on me and it cuts out most of the stinging probem people have if they use only the magnesium oil on their skin. This also has Aloe Vera, which I devote a chapter to on its use as a cancer treatment.