Greater knowledge of the mechanisms that contribute to the survival of tumor cells is key to vanquishing them. Shutting down the circadian oscillation is one principle strategy that cancer cells employ to thrive and sodium bicarbonate fully rescues circadian oscillation. Thus it is time for mainstream oncologists to wake up to what medical science has to say about bicarbonates. There is just too much benefit and practically zero downside to bicarbonates. Bicarbonate has long been used in ICU, emergency departments and in ambulances. There is no reason it should not be employed for all cancer patients.

Below is the product that I use daily to get my sodium and potassium bicarbonate. In the next chapter, which merges the use of bicarbonates with fasting, we will introduce magnesium bicarbonate, which one can add to all one’s water. Magnesium bicarbonate is the strongest form of bicarbonate, has no salt though it does not compare in terms of cost with sodium or potassium bicarbonate.


pH ADJUST may be used to increase salivary and urinary pH; counteract overly acidic conditions in the digestive tract, blood, and kidneys; and to supplement the body with the minerals potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The product contains (in powder form) potassium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, potassium glycinate, and sodium bicarbonate. Each serving (about ¼ tsp) contains about 300 mg of bicarbonate, 260 mg of carbonate, 142 mg of potassium, 105 mg of magnesium, 48 mg of sodium, and 100 mg of glycine.

Potassium is excellent for heart health and in potassium sufficient people, it reduces risk of strokes. Potassium also helps maintain healthy digestive and muscular function.