Dr. Richard A. Kunin says, “Another organ that takes up iodine is the testicle. Proof of this fact is evident in the fact that treatment of thyroid cancer with RAI131 is sometimes followed by diminished or absent sperm counts and elevated pituitary gonadotropin hormone levels up to three and a half years later. Recovery also occurs but sterility is clearly a hazard of radioactive iodine treatment. Cancer is another hazard: One of my patients developed a testicular cancer fifteen years after radioactive iodine treatment for Grave’s disease. His father had also had a testicular tumor (seminoma) so it would be prudent to avoid radioactive iodine therapy if one has such a history.”

Dr. Brownstein has found in his research with high doses of iodine that cysts on the ovaries became smaller and began to disappear. He also found that libido in women and men increased and that is why painting the testicles with iodine helps with low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Modern medicine terrorizes women in a typical male oriented aggressive way using testing and treatments that cause cancer to treat cancer. Doctors have as little compunction in removing breasts as they do doing C-sections. Breast cancer confronts women with the deepest issues of vulnerability and womanhood—things and issues that doctors are not famous for being sensitive to.

Even if a woman intends to follow orthodox medical treatments, they should give themselves a month or two to try the above suggestions. Cancer patients, even after treatment, have to worry about it not coming back.

“After the treatment, I went back to my crazy lifestyle and basically lived life the same way as before. I totally believed my doctors when they told me to just carry on as normal. Don’t change a thing. They told me that I had a really good prognosis, and chances were really slim that it will come back”.

To believe in one’s doctors can be the biggest mistake a woman ever makes in her life. Other women make huge changes in their lives instead of being passive victims of their doctors. In addition to incorporating holistic medicine into one’s cancer program women can drastically changed their diets, eating predominantly organic foods and drinking pure water with healing anticancer medicinals in it.

The situation with breast cancer is deteriorating as it creeps into the lives of younger and younger women. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 15-40 and doctors with all their dangerous tests and treatments are making matters worse. The overbearing masculine paradigm of the western medical system targets women’s breasts with abuse.

The most common sexual side effects of breast removal stem from damage to a woman’s feelings of attractiveness. In our culture, we are taught to view breasts as a basic part of beauty and femininity. If her breast has been removed, a woman may be insecure about whether her partner will accept her and find her sexually pleasing. Whatever does damage to a woman’s vulnerabilities does damage to her sexuality.

A woman’s breasts need to be treated with the respect, care, love and tenderness because they hug close to a woman’s deepest vulnerabilities. A woman’s breasts are not like car doors that you can remove or just repaint after they have been damaged for they are integral parts of her womanhood and her deepest being. Qualities of loving care not only have to come from the woman herself, and any intimate partners she might decide to share her life with, but also from women’s doctors.