I think people fail to remember that we doctors have a grave responsibility to life. Not just doctors but nurses, alternative health professionals and nutritionists are dealing with life and death issues so we really cannot afford our opinions, we can only afford the truth-medical truth.

A great feeling of security for a parent comes from administering a medicinal like iodine. It is what I give my children instead of dangerous antibiotics when they are sick. It is what I use when the first symptoms of flu approach and it does spare a child—or anyone for that matter—the worst of that misery. After we understand that iodine is an excellent antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, mold and yeast agent, we begin to glimpse what a catastrophic mistake it is to use pharmaceutical antibiotics instead of iodine.

There is an iodine straw that one can buy for ten dollars that will purify the worst water imaginable, instantly, no matter how badly contaminated, as the water is drawn through it. This is sold for camping trips and emergency use. Used at high enough dosages iodine can do the same thing to all the fluids in our bodies.

Doctors and their teachers at medical school have forgotten about iodine and its importance in health and medicine. Their stubbornness and ignorance of iodine creates pain and suffering that for many that ends up with death from cancer for some. If you want someone to die from cancer do not give them iodine, or any of the other important minerals presented in this course/book.