The New York Times printed a story about how in 1965 an impoverished rural county in the Mississippi Delta, the pioneering physician Jack Geiger helped found one of the nation’s first community health centers. Many of the children Geiger treated were seriously malnourished, so he began writing “prescriptions” for food—stipulating quantities of milk, vegetables, meat, and fruit that could be “filled” at the grocery store. The grocery stores were instructed to send the bills to the health center where they were paid out of the pharmacy budget. When word of this reached the Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington, which financed the center, an official was dispatched to Mississippi to reprimand Geiger and make sure he understood that the center’s money could be used only for medical purposes. Geiger replied: “The last time I looked in my textbooks, the specific therapy for malnutrition was food.” The official had nothing to say and returned to Washington.

That said, note that though food is medicinal, it is extremely hard to eat oneself out of cancer (Gerson Method) or totally prevent cancer with the foods one eats, though of course it is possible. The right foods will go a long way but in the face of environmental poisons and emotional stress and trauma we need extra help. Many times I have met perfect eaters who were not perfect in their consciousness and thus suffered all kinds of different disorders. Food only goes so far in helping us resolve or prevent cancer. However, when one considers oxygen as a food and hydrogen as a food we can see how these ‘medicines’ that are food in gas form can be very helpful in treating cancer. (See low oxygen as a cause of cancer.)

The secret to recovery from all diseases is found in healing through the fulfillment of nutritional law yet nutrition is not limited to what we can eat. In addition to eating good food we can  concentrate nutritional substances and take then at exceptionally high dosages to maximize their healing affect and that is exactly what we are doing in the Natural Allopathic cancer protocol.