Perhaps the bottom line about diet, nutrition and cancer comes from Dr. Joel D. Wallach who says, “Our immune system requires all 90 nutrients (60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and two essential fatty acids) to maintain and repair itself in order to protect us from infectious diseases (i.e., colds, flu, strep throat, “flesh-eating” Streptococcus A, Epstein-Barr virus, HIV, Candida albicans, rheumatoid arthritis, Herpes virus, Hanta virus, cancer, etc.). The healthiest and longest-lived cultures on the planet consistently consume high levels of 60 to 72 minerals with each meal, generation after generation, and the result is drug-free, crime-free, disease-free people who live long, productive and joyful lives and who are able to fulfill their genetic potential for longevity!”

One reason I have always recommended eating at the bottom of the food chain, with super-foods like Spirulina and Chlorella, is that they provide all these basic nutrients in concentrated form.

So in the end who do you trust?

A lot of people trust Chris Wark and have subscribed to his course and have purchased his book Chris Beat Cancer. There are many people who have survived their cancer and that turns them into cancer experts right?

He is totally against the Ketogenic Diet meaning he is one of those characters who thinks its his way or the wrong way. I think he has a way, he makes that crystal clear but like most people he is so focused on what he believes and knows he does not give fair representation to many other important things. 

Wark is able to put dowm the Ketogenic Diet with all kinds of studies but I really do not buy his insistence with his diet plan, though without doubt it is an option. But the ketogenic path understands that cancer cells receive their energy almost exclusively through the anaerobic fermentation of glucose to lactic acid by shifting to the glycolytic pathway. Cancer cells almost exclusively depend on carbohydrates (and its substrate, glucose) for energy. Indisputably, cancer cells depend entirely on glucose for energy, demonstrating a high affinity to these simple sugars for survival.

The Top 12 Keto Myths Debunked After 150,000 Days of Patient Care

“Lactic acid derived from glucose, is the vital energy source for tumor cells. This finding therefore proposes an entirely new approach to the elimination of cancer cells. The uncovering of cancer’s Achilles heel, glucose-derived lactic acid as its main energy source, could finally eradicate this lethal disease,” writes Mary Joe Parker in her book How to Stop Metastasized Cancer (Fast). You can buy this Ebook for 37 dollars online; it was probably written by a staff of professionals not by Mary herself. I assume that because of its scientific completeness. Dr. Joseph Mercola also has several books on the Ketogenic Diet. 

Max Gerson is the grandfather of one of the most extreme dietary approaches to cancer, and I have seen miracles happen at least on non-cancer patients with his approach. For cancer, in my opinion, his approach is not complete, for it is antique, but it does provide a bright light as to what can be done with the best fresh juice fasts with fruits and vegetables.