Yet some doctors, who are ignorant of the real importance of bicarbonates continue to stand again its use. Dr. Russell Jaffe contends, “that use of baking soda to quell inflammation and autoimmunity brings more risk than benefit. In my opinion, it is actually a harmful choice that one should avoid.”

I tend to ignore doctors like this and drink my pH Adjust (sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate with magnesium). Or for a mitochondrial rocket fuel formula I take magnesium bicarbonate.

Doctors might as well tell patients to stop breathing or drinking water when they warn people off of bicarbonates, which are totally natural substances that the stomach, pancreas and kidney strain to produce every day of our lives. The fact that there is no replacement for bicarbonates and that we do experience bicarbonate deficiencies as we grow older or suffer under toxic air, water and food, makes bicarbonates such an excellent low cost and safe medicine.