But sure none of this matters and we should just take the simple word and opinions of doctors who have not the slightest idea what they are talking about. Shapiro concludes, “Alkaline water is basically a big waste of money. For the most part, it’s not harmful. It may taste weird or good, depending on your palate, but it won’t help your athleticism, your bones, your gut, your toxicity, and most definitely not your cancer.” 

It is true that many people sell bottled water and ionizing water equipment that might have high pH with little alkalinity (alkalinity is the power of solution to change pH); meaning alkaline water without these minerals is a waste as Dr. Shapiro insists. However, she is making blanket statements mentioning alkaline water that does have minerals in it that make the water alkaline. 

Another essay puts down sodium bicarbonate saying, “Baking soda does not contain the healthy mix of minerals like magnesium to balance calcium, potassium to balance sodium and zinc to balance copper that are essential to maintain cell energy and function.” In part this is true and one of the reasons I personally use and suggest pH Adjust, a wonderful supplement that combines sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate and magnesium.

pH Adjust takes care of more than one of the reasons people use against bicarbonate. The above site says, “Sodium bicarbonate can add to the sodium load which for many is not recommended, especially those battling hypertension and cardiac issues.” This is ‘almost true’ yet the upside of bicarbonate use for hypertension and cardiac issues is great. Almost everyone around the world has easy access to common baking soda and to deprive them of that with ill conceived information would be a pity.  

When one adds potassium bicarbonate to sodium bicarbonate salt intake is minimized. However, sodium bicarbonate by itself is not known to increase blood pressure because of the effect bicarbonate/CO2 has on dilating the blood vessels. 

One of the secrets of sodium bicarbonate is that the lowly lemon, or our stomach acid turns bicarbonate into CO2, which then goes into the blood back in the form of bicarbonate. In the blood CO2 and bicarbonate are like twin sisters that change back and forth into each other almost at the speed of light.

It is true that one should eat as well as one can to maintain alkalinity, meaning one should not use bicarbonates as a ongoing compensation for junk food. However, bicarbonates are not just supplements. They are medicines used in emergency departments, in ambulances and in ICU. Sodium bicarbonate is the least expensive most powerful medicine in the world, which saves lives everyday. So I would warn all who put it down to the consequence of pushing doctors and patients away from its use. The pH Adjust is only $16.46 for 250 grams. 

Now if one wants to go beyond into the stratosphere of water turned into potent medicine then one should try out Paul Mason’s ‘Noah’s Water’ in California. Its loaded with the best form of bicarbonate, which is magnesium bicarbonate. Europe and Australia have similar spring waters and if one does not live where buying water high in magnesium bicarbonate is convenient then one can buy a concentrate in Florida and make your own at home.