If one is at the stage where one seriously feels they might have cancer and are at the point they want confirmation, one way or another, it might make sense to get a biopsy if one is considering the nuclear option of chemo and radiation therapy. If one is going to surrender to a series of dangerous tests and treatments, what’s the problem with one more risk? So let the oncologists play out their full game. 

But if one does not see themself going that harsh dangerous route, and would choose natural therapies, it makes more sense to just assume the worst and start treating through safe non risk protocols. If one is at that place of concern, one can look at other markers of cancer, for which there are many tests, and look at the many causes, and be choosing treatments that address those causes.

RGCC Onconomics Plus Test

MammaPrint Test

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)



The Navarro Urine Test

ONCOBlot Test

American Metabolic Laboratories CA Profile Test

PSA Test

Modern oncology is not the success they would like us to believe it is. Now that we find that cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries, we do have reason to doubt what they say and what they do.

In rich countries where patients and insurance companies throw billions at cancer treatment, and its diagnosis, cancer now kills twice as many people as heart disease. Something is seriously wrong with how oncologists view cancer, its causes and its treatments. They posture about how their principle treatments are the only way without admitting that they are miserable failures at keeping people alive for very long.

Almost everything oncologists do is dangerous, especially the radiation and chemical drugs they use in chemotherapy. Biopsies are actually more necessary for the oncologist than the patient. Its the oncologist who needs you to take a biopsy because they are part of their guidance system for treatment.

Despite everything oncologists do massive amounts of people die from cancer every day. Nothing they say changes that fact. And when you add the costs, to both patients, insurance companies and governments, who are already bankrupt or almost so, modern oncology really does not make much sense. Whats the point when few people can afford treatment?

When we consider the costs of Immuno-Oncology done the pharmaceutical way, and the fact that only the richest people in the world can afford it, we see modern medicine is barking up the wrong tree. It is not serving humanity. I suggest one entertain a more natural way of doing Immuno-Oncology.

Even oncologists admit Immuno-Oncology is better than Chemo and radiation, which work to destroy rather than build a strong immune system, which does have the power to take down cancer.