Conclusion – Personal Note

The Japanese government has been accused of a cover-up after it refused to allow independent testing of water from the Fukushima power plant that is likely to be released into the Pacific Ocean. Everything about Fukushima has been alarming and the governments (elite) of the world would like to keep the ongoing disaster quiet. But it is part of the iodine story, which was a building calamity itself do to the deepening deficiencies that again the governments and medical institutions continue to hide.

There is a group of iodine doctors, led by Dr. Brownstein who have tried to inform the public. Yet recently I was on a pathetic site participating in a pathetic conversation, where even David was called a quack. That’s when I ran for the hills. I am amazed when I run into the mainstream mindset that believes everything the mainstream institutions put out about medicine. For them iodine deficiency seems to suit them so God bless them; but they don’t know that iodine deficiency tends to lower levels of intelligence.