Core Issues of Mercury, Magnesium in Diabetes

Though diabetes has multiple etiologies, nothing explains the epic rise in diabetes as does the relationship between the rising tide of mercury and the decreasing tide of magnesium sufficiency. Mercury toxicity and magnesium deficiency are common causes of cancer and diabetes.

In this chapter we concentrate on the Hun Hordes of Mercury and in the next we will begin to review magnesium, first in its relationship to diabetes and then in another following chapter, how magnesium deficiencies lead to cancer and thus why magnesium medicine must be included in all cancer protocols. 

The CDC says that diabetes is disabling, deadly and on the rise. The incidence of diabetes is skyrocketing not only in adults but in the juvenile population as well. Health care experts have called the alarming rise in diabetes and its related complications “an epidemic” that threatens to spiral out of control. In 1997 15.7 millions adults in the United States were reported to have diabetes. [1] By the year 2002, this number had already swelled to 18.0 million or 8.7% of all adults.[2]

Diabetes is a fundamental disease that affects the entire colony of cells in a person because it has to do with energy metabolism and the vastly important hormone insulin and its receptor sites. All life is dependent upon basic metabolism, the input of nutrients and removal of wastes. Insulin allows blood sugar (glucose) to be transported into cells so that they can produce energy or store the glucose until it is needed. Insulin binds with receptors on cells like a key would fit into a lock. 

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