Death and Harm by Oncology

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“Cancer survivors age faster and are far more likely to die sooner,” if they have been treated by oncologists, one study showed. A review, published the journal of the European Society of Medical Oncology, found that the average life expectancy of childhood cancer survivors is 30 per cent lower than the general population.

In a study published in Nature in March 2012, researchers tried to replicate the results of 53 basic pre-clinical cancer studies. Of those 53 studies, only six were replicable. In his book, Bad Pharma, Dr. Ben Goldacre sounds a warning bell on the fact that drug manufacturers are the ones who fund trials of their own products.

“Drugs are tested by the people who manufacture them in poorly designed trials, on hopelessly small numbers of weird, unrepresentative patients, and analyzed using techniques that are flawed by design, in such a way that they exaggerate the benefits of treatments,” writes Dr. Goldacre in his book. “When trials throw up results that companies don’t like, they are perfectly entitled to hide them from doctors and patients, so we only ever see a distorted picture of any drug’s true effects.”

Death through medical ignorance how do we calculate that? Doctors themselves are not really equipped to treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndromes, as they freely admit, because they have no training in nutrition. If a doctor cannot treat on the level of cause what are they doing? They are letting cancer continue to plague their patients with their ignorance of and inability to treat cause.