Diagnosis and Treatment for Stress

Heart rate variability (HRV) represents the time differences between successive heartbeats (also known as the beat-to-beat interval). Measurements of HRV give us a scientific measurement of our stress. The VedaPulse is perhaps the best machine for this purpose but now some watches and the Oura ring give readouts about how are hearts are beating. Measures of HRV have been strongly correlated not only to stress but morbidity and mortality from diverse diseases.

The list of things I use and recommend for stress is long but on top of the list is breathing retraining, the use of magnesium oil especially for massage and hot bathing, yoga, and the BioMat, which not only feels fantastic, especially when under stress, but because of the deeper penetration of FIR energy people will see a reduction in cortisol levels of up to 78%. It is important to know that studies show that magnesium combined with B6 reported a 44.9% reduction in perceived stress and the magnesium-only group a 42.4% reduction with a more significant impact demonstrated with severe and/or extremely severe stress.

Climb into a warm magnesium bath and feel the tensions slip away from your body and soul. Get a magnesium massage it will simply help you cope. Slow your breathing down and your life as well if that is possible. Of course yoga and meditation are easy things to recommend as are support groups or doing individual therapy with someone tuned into the challenges that cancer patients face. Medical marijuana also helps many people deal with their stress and does not cause cancer like alcohol does.