Dr. Rudolf Breuss

According to Dr. Rudolf Breuss, solid foods are what nourish cancer cells. He concluded that if a person with cancer lives on juice and tea for a period of time, the cancer growth will die, but the person will be able to live. Followers of the Breuss cancer cure must fast for 42 days, drinking only vegetable juices and compatible teas. Juice is permitted to satisfy hunger cravings, as long as it doesn’t exceed half a liter per day. The less juice the patient drinks, the better. Dr. Breuss suggests medical supervision during the cure and one must wait at least 2-5 months after an operation before beginning this radical cure.

Dr. Servan-Schreiber tells us that in rodents, severe caloric restriction has been shown to slow the progression of some cancers. In France, researchers at the University of Rennes have demonstrated that the elimination of some amino acids (precursors of molecules called polyamines) slows the progression of certain cancers in humans, and contributes to reducing cancer-related pain.

But he warns, “However, BE CAREFUL. This kind of super-restrictive diet is not for everyone. Although it may have some beneficial effect, it can also be dangerous. The ‘Breuss Cancer Cure’ has not been evaluated in any kind of systematic way in human beings, and personally I feel that it should only be followed under the supervision of a specialized nutritionist who is working closely with the patient’s cancer specialist. I recommend that if they want to try this diet, patients should restrict it to a period of 2-4 weeks, during which they can consume prepared fluids that contain carefully measured amounts of the essential nutritional elements while eliminating polyamine precursors. Then they can embark on a diet that reduces these same precursors as much as possible.”

The dangers of restrictive dietsshould be managed with great care. Dr. Servan-Schreiber

Bruno Vonarburg, a Swiss biochemist who is the author of Medicines from the Earth, has looked at the Breuss Cure and says “Given that proteins feed the development of cancer, I can see the advantages of following a treatment based on vegetable juice: the daily provision of proteins is stopped, and since the organism can live without them, the blood, which is drawn to proteins, clears the body of everything that’s superfluous—growths, matter and tumors.”