Eating the Sun

Dr. Joan Lappe and her colleagues looked prospectively at more than 400 postmenopausal women over a four-year period of time. Women in the study group were given 1100 IU of vitamin D and 1000 mg of calcium daily. The control group did not receive this. Results: Women who took the vitamin D and calcium reduced their rate of cancer by 60%. The authors found that for every 10 ng/ml increase in a woman’s vitamin D blood level, the relative risk of cancer dropped by 35%.

Whenever there are no clouds blocking the sunrise I literally eat the sun each morning with the ancient practice of solar gazing. For about five minutes I stare directly into the sun clearing my mind of all thoughts. One should not be afraid of the sun but fear dermatologists who teach one to cover oneself with toxic sunscreens. Recently medical science has shown that indeed the chemicals do enter the blood. When we get to the tenth cause of cancer, doctors, our first example is doctors telling us to stay out of the sun or when we are out in it to cover our skin thus lowering our vitamin D blood levels.