Emotional Stress Can Cause of Cancer

However, this is only the beginning of the story. It might surprise a lot of people but even trauma from rape, childhood sexual abuse and present day sexual stress have to be factored in because PTSD weakens people’s immune systems. Women who have been sexually abused often walk around till the day they die with their trauma but sometimes that suffering is cut short with cancer. The same is the case for men. It is much more difficult to survive cancer, or its treatment, if one is under severe emotional stress or if one is suffering from depression.

There are more than a few doctors who notice that cancer comes on about two years after a bad emotional shock of one kind or another. Considering all the evidence on causes, it seems like sudden trauma is a triggering event to a condition that already exists. Suddenly the dam bursts, immune defensive walls fall, and like horses coming out of the gate as the gun fires, cancer races to take our life.

There are also spiritual aspects of cancer to consider. It has been recognized that cancer is a group of cells or tissues which separates (“segregates”) itself and forms its own entity within the larger system of the body. In a sense, cancer has its own separate identity like a parasite which infests a host organism. Separation is a spiritual disease, when we separate from others and from the whole.

Separation is egocentric and when we separate from our own heart/feeling nature there are consequences that eventually play out in our bodies. When our imagination is going one way and our hearts going another a split is created. Cancer is not just a physical disease it is also a collective disease. Our civilization can be seen as a cancer on the planet and the elite among us are a cancer causing bunch of psychopaths who profit from poisoning us and then profit again in treating us the wrong way when we do have cancer and other serious diseases.

Dr. Johanna Budwig said it well, “It is very important to view the person as a unit consisting of body, soul, and psyche. I am still convinced today that if a woman has a very poor marriage, and has to deal with suppression and taunts from her husband day in and day out, then I cannot help her. All three factors belong together in a human person.”

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that a third of survivors of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma experience PTSD. That’s just the survivors. Imagine if they counted the people who did not survive. Regardless, 37 percent of those still living reported that their PTSD symptoms persisted or even got worse after a 5-year period. What this means, and what oncologists ignore, is that emotions matter in medicine and they certainly matter when it comes to treating cancer. It is quite correct to assume that people’s state of consciousness, their emotions and the emotional shocks they go through create the condition that starts a long but steep slide downward of immune function.