Frolov Breathing Device

For addressing harmful stress, one needs to know about a fifty dollar breathing machine called the Frolov from Russia, a device that was originally designed for asthma sufferers. It will calm a person right down, bring stress hormones under control, and thus provide a new form of treatment for stress that will be highly beneficial for a person dealing with cancer. Later in this course/book there is an extensive section on breathing. The device will slow one’s breathing down and it would be a good idea, if one even thinks they have cancer, to have one before one even steps foot into an oncologists office.

Emergency room and intensive care professionals understand the importance of respiration. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are what stands between our life and death so our very next breath matters very much. It is only when we get close to death do doctors finally pay attention to our respiration.

Oxygen is the most prescribed medicine in hospitals but little to no attention is paid to carbon dioxide because medicine ill defines it as a waist product of metabolism. It is low levels of this essential gas (that plants love and thrive on) that constricts the blood vessels, which drives up blood pressure. We tap into carbon dioxide medicine with the use of bicarbonates and by slowing our breath down. The most complicated aspect of cancer revolves around CO2 physiology and we dive head first into that just before the sections on breathing.

Bottom line—the quicker we breathe the sooner we are going to die. The more our breathing races, the less oxygen we get, the quicker our bodies begin to suffer from one chronic aliment or another. Eight breaths a minute is very healthy though few breathe today slower than 12. Cancer patients tend to breathe at 14 to 25 breaths a minute.

Vernon Johnston cured himself of cancer (prostrate and bone) with good diet, sodium bicarbonate and four hours of conscious breathing a day. I have not talked to anyone in all the years since that has equaled his accomplishment (took him one month to be cancer free).

Most doctors will not talk to you about breathing but do not underestimate its power to relieve stress and help you beat your cancer.


This is the machine to use for your breathing retaining and it really is quite nice to blow bubbles as one increase the oxygenation of ones cells and tissues. Originally from Russia created to help asthma sufferers the Frolov breathing device is serious medicine.