Home Intensive Care

The concept of home intensive care and freedom to pursue safe and effective alternative treatments is an important issue. The medical system based around hospital care is imploding for several reasons so home care is becoming a vital option for millions who cannot afford treatments but still need critical care.

At home intensive care treatments focus on the essentials of life, on pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine medicine, hydrogen medicine, cannabinoid medicine, selenium medicine, carbon dioxide levels in the blood, re-mineralization of the body, antioxidant therapy, anti-inflammation therapy, increasing oxygen transport and oxygenation of the tissues, opening up of blood vessels, saturation and healing of cells with concentrated nutrition via superfoods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing (contacting ones vulnerable feelings), detoxification and removal of heavy metals and radioactive particles.

Thus, intensive home care focuses on combination therapy, which enables us to encompass and manage multiple risk factors. Multidimensional etiologies call for multiple therapeutic interventions. At home care is an important necessary addition to hospital care and often can provide the intensive care necessary except for the direst circumstances.