Is there anything that indicates I should not take NBMI?

If you have a diagnosed allergy to Sulfa drugs, NBMI has a similar structure, and may produce the same reaction that Sulfa drugs do. (Note that Sulfa is different to sulphate and sulphite.) Sulfa drugs are commonly antibiotics but include other types. About 3% of the population have an allergy to them. Symptoms of allergy include rashes, itching, chest congestion and swelling of the mouth and throat.

NBMI is excreted through the liver into the gut as bile. This mixes with the food you eat and is eventually excreted as stool. If you are constipated, the stool will stay in the gut for an extended period of time and potentially allow various substances to be reabsorbed. NBMI with its heavy metals may be reabsorbed, although it should not do any harm.