Layering Natural Medical Substances into our Water

We will be layering medical substances of natural origin into our water. The first layer is to turn our water from either neutral or acid into powerful alkaline water (not high pH water) and we do that by putting bicarbonates into our water. We can do that simply with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or with formulas like pH Adjust that include potassium bicarbonate and magnesium in it, or we can use the ultimate formula, which is magnesium bicarbonate (rocket fuel for the mitochondria). We flood the body with this water from the moment we wake until perhaps two hours before bed.

On the second layer we add iodine to the water, a special form of selenium to the water (or just put it under one’s tongue), we add more magnesium to the water, sometimes sulfur to the water, liquid vitamins A, B, C and D to the water and even super-foods like Spirulina, Chlorella, wheat and barley juices to our liquid intake.

That’s it! Simple! Easy to administer. However, there are many details that need to be explored and perhaps guidance and consultations with a good doctor, if you can find one, or a nurse if one is in ICU.

On the third layer we can add hydrogen (or breathe it while we are drinking our healing water cocktail, we can add glutathione, even medical marijuana and in our first and perhaps last glass of water some liquid clay for detoxification purposes. We can even add oxygen to our water and we can use an expensive water distiller that changes the hydrogen bonds of the water. There is a lot we can do to water. 

Calculating all the options and dosages is not simple but the important point is to understand the basic concept. If water is a cure than our super liquid should be the ultimate cure.