Low Cost of Natural Immunotherapy

The total cost for one year of the entire Natural Immunotherapy, including the medical equipment needed, which can easily be shared by two people, is between 7,000 and 10,000 dollars for the first year and can actually be done for much less for the least expensive parts of the protocol are actually the most powerful.

Natural Immunotherapy can conform to the each person’s affordability. Modern oncologists and the organizations that back them have no empathy or compassion, no identification with the whole of the human race. What good is a cancer cure if hardly anyone can afford it? Their incredible solution, Immuno-oncology, is no solution at all. It is not even a sure thing for the rich who can afford it.

For 7,000 dollars one can set up a complete clinic in the home that one’s entire family can use. The high end cost would include infrared therapy bed mat (for two people), PEMF (Shuman wave pulse frequency therapy), Hydrogen Inhalation machine, Exercise with Oxygen therapy (EWOT) for those who are well enough to exercise, and breathing retraining equipment, which is only fifty dollars.

The rest of the expenses are with all the mineral medicines, vitamins, super-foods, and other natural substances and chelators one needs to use. Many people will elect out of necessity to go the bare bones of the protocol and they still will stand a high chance of conquering their cancer. When one considers how much one can do with one’s diet and the essential minerals and vitamins one does not have to give up hope because they do not have the funds to go with all the bells and whistles.   

When it comes to calculating cost of equipment realize that they can be used for years and only make the process of recovering from cancer easier and more permanent.