Medical Marijuana

A 2013 survey in the New England Journal of Medicine found that nearly 8-in-10 doctors approved the use of medical marijuana. Now, a wide-ranging survey in California finds that medical marijuana patients agree: 92% said that medical marijuana alleviated symptoms of their serious medical conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, migraine, and cancer.

Cannabis-marijuana can be inhaled, juiced, or eaten in its raw form (as a food) in high dosages without fear of dangerous side effects. It does not cause harm but rather is protective of our body’s systems, and it heals. Cannabis does not harm and no one has been known to die from overdoing cannabis. Dosage varies widely depending on how one takes cannabis and on one’s sensitivities, and of course it varies with the strength of the cannabis used and what it is being used for.

For hemp oil patients should start with 3 doses per day about half the size of a grain of dry rice, a dose such as this would equal about one quarter of a drop and after four days at this dosage, they should increase their doses little more every four days until you are at the point where you are ingesting about 1 gram a day, so each dose should equal 1/3 of a gram. People’s sensitivities vary widely with hemp oil and again the size and weight of a person is a big factor. A full course of treatment with hemp oil for a cancer patient is 3 months using 60 grams in total.

Cannabis balms or creams can be applied as needed throughout the day, to painful or inflamed areas.