Medical Marijuana

It is interesting to see that like magnesium, cannabis can be used to treat cancer as well as sleep disorders. In September of 2010 the New York Times reported that, “People with chronic pain who took just a puff of marijuana three times a day got some mild pain relief and, with rare exceptions, did so without getting high,” a Canadian study reported. The patients, who suffered from persistent nerve damage that did not respond to other pain drugs, also reported better sleep and less anxiety.” One can get CBD, which is medical marijuana without the THC, meaning you will not get high.

A patient with PTSD, who takes marijuana, said she now shuns the array of medicines and sleeping pills she took because of the side effects. “If you take sleeping pills, you will bring yourself into sleep mode, you will succeed in getting yourself into bed and shutting off the light, but in the morning you are not the same person. You don’t function. The quantity of pills I need in order to fall asleep will turn me into a zombie the next day. My brain is erased; people speak to me but I don’t function. How can you live like that? How can you work like that, study, go out of the house, communicate with people?”

“Sleep is a vital part of life that affects our productivity, mood, and general health and well-being,” said Rebecca Robbins, lead investigator and postdoctoral research fellow at NYU Langone Health, in a statement. “Dispelling myths about sleep promotes healthier sleep habits which, in turn, promote overall better health.”