Nuclear Radiation and the Death Principle

Dr. Walter Russel was right, nuclear radiation is the death principle. He wrote Atomic Suicide before most of us where born and it is suicidal to expose yourself to diagnostic and treatment procedures that pump in the death activating radiation. It is not the only way to treat cancer successfully.


Every physician knows that radiation can lead to cancer but their recklessness is so great that they continue to expose their patients even after the Fukushima accident, which should be telling doctors to slam on the breaks at radiation departments. The last thing patients need is exposure to more radiation.

Dr. Edward Golembe, who directs a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn, said he had treated serious radiation injuries to the jaw and called them “a horrible, horrible thing to see.” When we deal with radiation we deal with death for it is the death principle that doctors are trying to harness with terrible results. Most people who employ radiation in their treatments for cancer suffer horribly though it might save their life in the short term.

Radiation therapy has been linked to the occurrence of solid tumors of the lung, stomach, and bone, and to various types of leukemia such as AML (acute myelogenous leukemia), CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia), and ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia).

Radiation hazards have been grossly underestimated because they have to be. If they were not then both the medical industry and the atomic power industry would be vulnerable to staggering liabilities. “Radiotherapy damage has not been a priority in the treatment of cancer,” says Dr. Paul Cornes, who runs clinics for patients with radiotherapy damage.