Nutrients to the Rescue

Literally thousands of studies have uncovered a clear and distinct relationship between vital nutrients and cancer. One influential study (Ramesha et al. 1990) provides a good example. A powerful carcinogen known as DMBA was given to a group of female rats. Then the rats were given none, one of four, two of four, three of four, or all of four nutrients: the minerals selenium and magnesium, and vitamins C and A.

When no nutrients were administered, all of the rats developed breast cancer. When one of the nutrients was given, 46.4 to 57.1 percent of the rats developed tumors, depending on the nutrient. When two of the nutrients were given in combination, the tumor incidence decreased to 29.9 to 34.6 percent, depending on which nutrients were used in combination. Administration of nutrients in groups of threes resulted in further reduction of tumor incidences coming down to somewhere between 16 to 23.1 percent. And when all four nutrients were given together, tumor incidence dropped to 12 percent. Human DNA is 99 percent identical to that of rats.