Possible DETOX effects of MAGNESIUM

Detox effects of chemicals and heavy metals: Depending on the level of toxicity of your body, you may experience what is called a “healing crisis”. This reaction occurs when, toxic substances accumulated in the tissues are released into the bloodstream and cause adverse effects, which means your body is undergoing a cleaning. Symptoms can be an increase in muscle aches, joint pains and even rashes. In cases of adverse reactions, it is recommended to initiate magnesium supplementation slowly, and it increases the dose progressively as the effects diminish.

These are the reactions that appear may appear in our body early in any detox program, even with magnesium.

1- headaches 2- pimples 3- boils 4- irritability 5- lack of patience 6- excessive sleep 7- itching in the body 8- first monthly flow changed (increased, decreased, delayed or advanced) 9- release of gases (improper feeding) 10- temporary diarrhea (excess of Magnesium) 11- heartburn and burning (must take with full stomach) 12- pain in the kidneys (dissolving the stones in the kidneys) 13- increased pressure caused by the calcium that was clogging the arteries 14- THE PAIN IN THE JOINTS are called “healing pains” and migrate from place to place until they heal all joints … we do not call the detox effect … but they occur when Magnesium or MSM (organic sulfur) is correcting something in these joints = => this feeling is VERY COMMON, almost everyone has 15- rare cases report a feeling of tiredness at the beginning … 16 – Appetite of canker sores 17 – Emergence of pee-existing herpes outbreak 18- rare cases of insomnia when they take the night Magnesium were reported, due to the strong power generation (ATP) 19- changed appetite … too much hunger or no appetite 20- “dizziness” associated with labyrinth healing