Preparing for Chelation and Detoxification

Chelation and detoxification can potentially do more harm than good if we have not prepared the ground with minerals and broad band nutritional sufficiency. During detox and chelation we must continue with long term nourishment solutions for the best and safest results.

Forced detoxification methods, such as commercial 12-day detox programs, the master cleanse, or most of the chelation agents, can be dangerous, especially if not prepared for. Trying to do either chelation or detoxification is a nightmare when magnesium deficiencies are present.

There are certain basic substances that help with the bailing and others that help plug the leaks and fill in the holes that heavy metals, chemicals and even radioactive substances like to crawl into. The first thing we need to do is plug the leaks and holes. We do that with minerals, with iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron and even with bicarbonates that make detoxification and chelation much easier because of their alkaline effects.

Yet there are 70 minerals and trace elements in seawater and 102 nutrients the body needs. Substances like Spirulina, Chlorella, seawater, and my new favorite Super Green Food, which has 44 organic super-foods in it, all provide the full spectrum of minerals. However, even when consuming large amounts of super-food, we still need to apply the basic minerals in concentrated form.

Detox and chelation are not only good for people who already know they have a toxic heavy metal loads but for those who may be thriving already and just want to combat the daily onslaught of their toxic environment. Do you live in a major metropolitan area? Do you live near an agricultural area? In reality everyone today needs to dump the chemicals and heavy metals that are clogging their systems. Often, when we reach our toxic limit, we come down with a flu, which provides a way of dumping toxins in a most miserable and sometimes deadly way.