Provoking Cancer Stem Cells

The researchers found that even when radiation kills half of the tumor cells treated, the surviving cells which are resistant to treatment, known as induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSCs), were up to 30 times more likely to form tumors than the non-irradiated breast cancer cells. In other words, the radiation treatment regresses the total population of cancer cells, generating the false appearance that the treatment is working, but actually increases the ratio of highly malignant to benign cells within that tumor, eventually leading to the iatrogenic (treatment-induced) death of the patient.

Chemotherapy makes cancer more malignant. Radiotherapy has also been shown to increase cancer stem cells in the prostate, ultimately resulting in cancer recurrence and worsened prognosis.[1] Cancer stem cells may also explain why castration therapy often fails in prostate cancer treatment.[2]

None of this is a secret but don’t expect your oncologist to be open about it. The undesirable effect of helping to create cancer stem cells—cells researchers say—is particularly adept at generating new tumors that are especially resistant to treatment. The medical media is saying that this might help explain why late-stage cancers are often resistant to both radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Flooding the body with bicarbonates make them less resistant.

Stem cells are more likely than other cancer cells to survive chemotherapies and radiation therapies, probably because their “stemness” allows them to self-replenish by repairing their damaged DNA and removing toxins. “Radiotherapy has been a standard treatment for cancer for so long, so we were quite surprised that it could induce stemness,” said study researcher Dr. Chiang Li, of Harvard Medical School in Boston.


One of the last things the medical profession will admit is that doctors are a main cause of death and disease. Would ruin their image! You will not find any online symptom checkers listing the cause of your problems as being caused by your doctor or the drugs he is prescribing. It really hurts to look at pictures like the one above and to even think that children’s doctors are causing much of their suffering.

Many people who have received treatment for cancer have a risk of developing long-term side effects[3undefined] that can often kill the patient in the end. Modern oncology, is easily implicated in cancer reaccurance because they use tests and treatments that cause cancer. Radiation causes cancer. Harsh chemicals in chemotherapy cause cancer. Even biopsies can irritate and provoke cancers spread or its initiation through provoking inflammation and infection.

Radiologist Dr. Winship wrote, “Counting all the known cases in the United States, of childhood with carcinoma of the thyroid, almost 20 per cent have had irradiation to the thymus gland or to the neck for some other disease.” Cancer’s reaccurance after chemo and radiation is never blamed on treatment, it is always blamed on the cancer, which reasonable or true.

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