Purchasing Information

Dr. Boyd Haley’s NBMI is available for those contaminated by mercury and other heavy metals. As of this date, it is available for compassionate use only. The application process can be lengthy for some countries and in others it is very simple or unnecessary. The product is currently provided for free with a fee of $750 for application processing.

A less expensive source ships from the Far East and the United States. Their price for 5/10/20g is USD150/220/350. Mob./Whatsapp/Telegram: +86 186 6823 5107 https://www.fandachem.com/ Use of a sensitive scale is suggested with use.

It was a patient of mine who highly recommended this source and put me back in touch with Dr. Haley and his excellent research, after many years of being out of touch. The chelation area of medicine is highly controversial, competitive and confusing but now I feel absolutely confident I am presenting the best and safest chelator.

In the past I have recommended EDTA/Glutathione suppositories and still do for lead toxicity. Also they have glutathione only suppositories, which is the very best form of administration for this key enzyme for all purpose detoxification and chelation.