Seawater Workhorse IVs

When we start to dream of the perfect IV we have to think about the sea. Ocean water has had an illustrious history in medicine. Seawater has many therapeutic uses based on the concept of renewing, purifying and regenerating the internal fluid environment, as well as maintaining vital equilibrium. According to a story told on many different websites (yet legitimate documentation appears to be unavailable), Dr. Rene Quinton, French biologist/physiologist, proved that pure seawater is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s. Navy doctors successfully used seawater during the Second World War when blood serum supplies ran out. Many conditions responded to injections of ocean water because re-mineralizing the sick body, normalizing pH and balancing electrolytes work together to correct the underlying cause of many disease conditions by regenerating the “internal terrain.”

Marine-based therapy encourages cellular regeneration and cellular nutrition and this was used to great effect a century ago. Babies were brought back from near death from cholera and other causes; cadaver-like bodies filled out to healthy plumpness; raw, weeping skin from eczema became smooth and lesion-free, all by the power of seawater.